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In Progress: Port-Musée
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Exploring new technology of digitalization, Douarnenez Boat museum (Brittany, France) and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (Falmouth, UK) have led the way for new perspectives in maritime heritage education and conservation. Beginning in early 2013, the research team has led scanning surveys that result in highly accurate models of local boats. The digital capture of these boats are turned into cross sections, vertical, and horizontal scale plans, and the pointcloud data, accurate to the centimeter level, enable the creation of 3D models. The result provides researchers and visitors alike with detailed information regarding materials, condition, conservation, and restoration.

The team at Falmouth and at Douarnenez aspire to disseminate their research and data via a bilingual French/English website, and are supported through the EU-run Interreg IV program. CyArk looks forward to sharing the data for the Port-Musée project with the public on the CyArk website.

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