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Photograph of the city wall viewed from the north

City Wall Information

The settlement at Qal'at al-Bahrain was surrounded by a stone wall during the early phases of its history. Archaeological soundings located this rampart in several spots on the northern, western and southern slopes of the tell (mound). Up till now, no excavations have been carried out to locate any parts of the fort on the eastern slope of the hill. The uncovered walls portions follow the cardinal directions and are at right angles to each other; they enclose an area of about 12 hectares, but, due to limited excavation data at present, it is difficult to prove that this entire enclosed area was built up in the Early Dilmun phase of the site. The wall has been closely investigated only on its northern side. Due to the refilling of several of the aforementioned archaeological soundings, this northern portion at the moment is the only visible part of this long enclosure; it is exposed along a length of 46 meters in an area situated ca. 30 meters south of the Coastal fortress. This visible section is the result of successive periods of construction or rebuilding, thus most of its facades are of later construction.

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