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Photograph of Temple IV rising above the forest canopy

Temple IV Information

Temple IV is the tallest structure at Tikal, around 70 meters in height. It stands 70 meters in height and is second in height in the Maya world only to the pyramid of La Danta at El Mirador, 55km to the north of Tikal, at just under 73m (237ft). Two carved wooden lintels from its summit vault record a long count date confirming that Yik'in Chan Kawil, son of Jasaw, commissioned Temple IV in 741 CE.

A tomb has been found in the temple, but evidence is inconclusive as to whether it contains the remains of Yik'in Chan Kawil. Temple IV's 250,000 cubic yards of stone remain largely unexcavated and unrestored, with only the upper third portion and roof comb rising above the jungle canopy. Temple IV is currently in the process of restoration.

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