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Photograph of Room 57 and 58, Northern Palace, taken from the southwest

Room 57 & 58 Information

Considered part of the private habitation of the Inca (as are all rooms west of Rooms 1, 9, and 42), Room 57 is one of two imperial bathrooms in the Northern Palace, the other being Room 24; Room 57 is larger in size than Room 24 and measures 3 m long, 2 m wide and 1.5 m below the level of the gallery. The upper portions of the wall are adobe masonry and the water drain is still present.

Thanks to favorable environmental conditions, the walls of Room 57 and Room 58 have retained enough residual colored paint to accurately reconstruct what the original wall painting would have been like. Color here was often applied in horizontal strips of red, black, white, and yellow ochre atop stucco.

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