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Photograph looking south at Structure 5D-26 in the North Acropolis

North Acropolis Information

Along the edge of the Great Plaza, the burials located within the North Acropolis show a glimpse of the individual styles of Tikal as it formed in the Late Preclassic.

The North Acropolis was the focus of the city's religious architecture and the preferred place of royal burial for most of Tikal's history. It includes dozens of overlaid tombs dating back to the Preclassic period. New temples would often be built on top of older ones, encasing the older architecture within.

Under structure 5D-26 was found the North Acropolis’ earliest tomb from the Classic period, dating to the 4th century A.D. Though it had been looted during the Late Classic period, enough evidence remained to determine that the occupant was likely Great Jaguar Paw, ninth ruler in the Tikal dynasty.

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