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A Brief Introduction

New Lanark was founded as a cotton mill village in 1768, and was one of the most celebrated examples of a Utopian socialist society during the Industrial Revolution in Europe under the management of Robert Owen. Owen greatly improved the conditions, facilities and services for the workers and their families, leading to many social improvements including progressive education, factory reform, more humane working practices and garden cities. Cotton-spinning mills, powered by water from the River Clyde in Southern Scotland, and tenement style housing for the workforce were built from local sandstone. By 1820, the population of the village was around 2,500, the largest cotton-manufacturing center in the country at that time. It is now a popular tourist attraction and is home to the New Lanark Visitor Centre and New Lanark Mill Hotel. New Lanark was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 and is also an Anchor Point of ERIH - The European Route of Industrial Heritage.

New Lanark is one of the ten sites included in the Scottish Ten project, a partnership project between CyArk, Historic Scotland, and Glasgow's School of Art's Digital Design Studio. In August 2009, a team from Historic Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art scanned the site as part of the Scottish Ten. The Scottish Ten ambitiously strives to create accurate digital models of Scotland's five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites and five international heritage sites over the course of 5 years. Along with New Lanark, the remaining four Scottish World Heritage Sites are the Heart of Neolithic Orkney; the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh; and St. Kilda.

For more information about New Lanark, visit the New Lanark Trust website and the Scottish Ten website.

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