New Lanark

Point cloud of Robert Owen's house

Point cloud of the New Buildings

Point cloud of Water Row

Point cloud of Robert Owen's school

Panorama of Dyeworks and mechanics workshop

Panorama of New Buildings and bell tower

Panorama of Water Row overlooking the River Clyde

Panorama of Mill 2 and the mill lade

Panorama adjacent to water wheel

Panorama taken from car park path, overlooking New...

Panorama showing Robert Owen's school

Perspective of view south at New Lanark.

Perspective of Town Hall.

Perspective of Robert Owen House.

New Buildings

The village and River Clyde

View south

Modern garden terrace

Water wheel

Scanning in progress

Mill race

Photograph looking south over the river Clyde

View of the new pedestrian bridge connecting Mill ...

View facing east showing 'the rows'

Photograph (wide angle) showing the mill lade and ...

View (facing north) of a mill wheel

Water row adjacent to the River Clyde

Archway into dyeworks and mechanics workshop area

Photograph of renovated New Lanark buildings

The New Buildings and bell tower

Mill Two roof garden

Animation showing point cloud data from laser scan...

Animation of 3D model based on laser scan data