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Mountain Home Air Force Base

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A Brief Introduction

Since it opened in 1943, Mountain Home Air Force Base has served a vital role in protecting U.S. interests, both at home and abroad. While many important people have passed through its gates, none are more important than the men and women of the air force and their families. During the 1950’s, Mountain Home Air Force Base was transformed from a small, sparse airfield into a thriving community, an air force base worthy of being called “home” to the personnel and families stationed there. Today, the base hosts the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing.

In 2012, CyArk partnered with the Mountain Home AFB to digitally preserve selected portions of the base. In August of 2012, a team of CyArk professionals traveled to Mountain Home Air Force Base to digitally document the Alert Facility and historic Officer Quarters. CyArk is proud to provide a web portal that integrates the highly-accurate laser scan data with a rich collection of historic documentation, including photographs, video footage, drawings, and documents.

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