Introducing CyArk's Summer Interns
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Scott Lee
Director of Operations

6 Students and Young Professionals Join CyArk for the Summer

Introducing CyArk's Summer Interns
As a young, non-profit organization, CyArk thrives on volunteers and student interns. Internship programs allow us to teach the next generation of digital preservation specialists. We also learn from the interns who bring fresh ideas and knowledge of the latest technologies. This summer we are grateful to have so many new faces joining our team. In thanking them for their dedication and passion, we also wanted to give them an opportunity to tell a bit about themselves.

Below please find a brief bio of each individual.

Annabel Lee Enriquez

Education: B.S. Urban and Regional Studies, Cornell University.
Master of Historic Preservation, University of Southern California

Interest in CyArk: My interest in CyArk stems from my passion in preserving the world's special places--in particular, historic architecture and cultural landscapes. Also, I love seeing the ways in which new technology can help to save, either physically or virtually, these important sites.

Dream Site: My dream project would be the Pantheon in Rome, but that's already been done. So, instead, I'd probably go for La Sagrada Familia (and the rest of Antoni Gaudi's work) in Barcelona, since they still haven't finished building it yet!

Zaw Lin Myat

Education: University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.
Major- Architecture 2011

Interest in CyArk: I'm interested in conservation of architectural heritage sites because I believe they are valuable to mankind as they inspire us, tell us wonderful stories and also they are the informer of any civilization and culture. My interest overlaps with what CyArk does and I hope to learn from the experience working with CyArk while contributing even a little with my skills.

Dream Site: Bagan, Myanmar (formerly Pagan, Burma). It's a site of 2000 temples and Pagodas from 11th to 13th century. It is sad that the country's political system has barred legitimate conservation efforts. Here is a glimpse from Wiki and here is a travel website. There is very little documentation on thousands of them, but may be one day CyArk can take it on.

José Carrasco

Education: University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.
Major- Architecture 2011

Interest in CyArk: I am interested in CyArk because of the opportunity to use technology for the study of ancient architecture. Preserving our past with the tools of the future, genius!!!

Dream Site: Palenque and King Pacal’s tomb

Priscilla Chan

Education: University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.
Major- Architecture 2014

Interest in CyArk: I wanted to find something meaningful to do with my summer vacation time that would also require skills I have in computer graphics. CyArk was the perfect opportunity and has a great cause that I believe is well worth my time and efforts.

Dream Site: For now, the Forbidden City because I haven't been there myself despite it being in my origin country.

Mondrian Hsieh

Education: University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.
Major- Architecture 2010

Interest in CyArk: Its all about heritage and the power in preservation...and lasers.

Dream Site: If I had to choose a site, it would be one that really pushed the limits of the technology we have; to look at buildings that at once we could only experience in person. La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona comes to mind, especially before completion.

Arianna Deane

Education: University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.
Major- Architecture 2013

Interest in CyArk: The beauty in architecture and design has always interested me for its ability to inspire, display cultures, educate and support the human race for thousands of years. The work of CyArk is fascinating in that it takes those structures that provided so much to societies of the past and preserves them using modern technologies so that we may continue to learn from them. I strongly believe that even with the advancements that we now have, that studying from the architecture and cultures of the past is extremely valuable.

Dream Site: Ajanta Caves in India


July 11th, 2011 j galvan said:
This is unbelievable. I thought it's like volunteering in SPCA where people come from all walks of life. But these people come from a homogenous bunch as if they are dean's listers applying for a coveted scholarship! Do I need to go to school in California to join?
July 18th, 2011 Justin Barton said:
Hello, and thank you for your question. You do not need to go to school in California to be a volunteer with us. However, much of our work requires in-office time, so it helps! There are other aspects of volunteering as well, however. If you have writing, translation or other skills that you would like to volunteer, please email us:

Thank you.

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