Google's SketchUp Blog Highlights CyArk's Work
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Justin Barton
Chief Technology Advocate

Google's official SketchUp blog discusses CyArk's use of the software

Google's SketchUp Blog Highlights CyArk's Work
As a non-profit, CyArk is a recipient of free licenses for SketchUp Pro through Google's SketchUp for Nonprofits program. Google's SketchUp team recently approached us to write a blog about how we utilize their 3D modeling software toward our mission of digital preservation, education, and dissemination.

The resulting blog Modeling cultural heritage sites with SketchUp Pro was published on the official SketchUp blog on Thursday, March 8, 2012.

The blog outlines our use of SketchUp to create 3D models of the missions of San Antonio, Texas as part of our Digital Preservation of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park project with the US National Park Servcice. We discuss how we utilize the results in the website as interactive models in both our online 3D viewer as well as the foundation of our 3D interface for navigating the mission sites in Google Earth and viewing multimedia directly in our 3D website.

For the full article, go here

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