Heritage Sites:

Ancient MervAncient Merv
Oasis City along the Silk Road
Ancient ThebesAncient Thebes
The Ramesseum and Ancient Egyptian Capital
Hindu Temple Complex of the Khmer God Kings
Carmelite Church of WeißenburgCarmelite Church of Weißenburg
Frescoed Ceiling of a Medieval Church
Cathedral of BeauvaisCathedral of Beauvais
Vaulting, Gothic Cathedral in France
Chavín de HuántarChavín de Huántar
Ancient Peruvian Mountain City at 11,000 Feet
Chichén ItzáChichén Itzá
Ancient Mayan City of the Yucatan
Wild West Town in South Dakota
Fort LaramieFort Laramie
Legendary trading post of the Old West
Hopi Petroglyph SitesHopi Petroglyph Sites
Tutuveni and Dawa Park of the American Southwest
Hypogeum of the VolumnisHypogeum of the Volumnis
Rare, Surviving, Etruscan Tomb in Italy
Marble HouseMarble House
Gothic Art in the Gilded Age
Mesa VerdeMesa Verde
Native American Cliff Dwellings in Colorado
Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)
The oldest standing, intact, adobe building dedicated to Christi
Monte AlbánMonte Albán
Capital of the Zapotec Empire
Mount Rushmore National MemorialMount Rushmore National Memorial
National Legacy in Stone
Mountain Home Air Force Base Mountain Home Air Force Base
Home to 366th Fighter Wing
Nineveh RegionNineveh Region
Flourishing Capital of the Assyrian Empire
Piazza del Duomo, PisaPiazza del Duomo, Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Legendary, Italian City Destroyed by Mt Vesuvius
Presidio of San FranciscoPresidio of San Francisco
Spanish Fort in the Heart of San Francisco
Qal'at al-BahrainQal'at al-Bahrain
4,000 Years of Human Occupation
Rapa NuiRapa Nui
Monolithic Moai of Easter Island
Rock Art Sites of SomalilandRock Art Sites of Somaliland
Rock Art Sites Representing the Rich Archaeology of Somaliland
Roman BathsRoman Baths
Excavated Remains of the Roman Army in Germany
Royal Tombs at KasubiRoyal Tombs at Kasubi
Ritual Burial Site of the Buganda Kings
Saint Sebald ChurchSaint Sebald Church
Medieval Church in Nürnberg
A Romanesque Masterpiece in the Heart of Provence
Salvador da BahiaSalvador da Bahia
Original Portuguese Capital of Brazil
San Antonio MissionsSan Antonio Missions
Spanish Mission System of Colonial Texas
Stone Bridge RegensburgStone Bridge Regensburg
A Masterpiece of Medieval Engineering
Tambo ColoradoTambo Colorado
Inca Outpost in Peru
Third Avenue United ChurchThird Avenue United Church
Carnegie Hall of the Prairies
Mighty City of the Ancient Maya Civilization
The Tragic Story and Remains of a Maritime Icon
Tudor PlaceTudor Place
George Washington's Familial Estate