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Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)

Presidio of San Francisco

Misión de San Antonio de Padua

Misión de La Señora Bárbara, Virgen y Mártir

Misión San Buenaventura

Misión Santa Clara de Asís

Misión San Carlos Borromeo del Río Carmelo

Misión de la Exaltación de la Santa Cruz

Misión San Diego de Alcalá

Mision San Fernando, Rey de Espana

Misión San Francisco Solano de Sonoma

Misión del Santo Príncipe El Arcángel, San Gabriel De Los Temblores

Misión de Nuestra Santa Inés, Virgen Y Mártir

Misión del Glorios Precursor de Jesu Cristo, Nuestro Señor San Juan Bautista

Misión de San Juan Capistrano de Sajavit

Misión del Gloriosísimo Patriarca Señor San José

Misión de San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Misión de San Luis, Rey de Francia

Misión del Gloriosísimo Príncipe Arcángel, Señor San Miguel

Mision de La Purisima Concepcion de la Santisima Virgen Maria

Misión del Gloriosísimo Príncipe San Rafael, Arcángel

Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto Concho

Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

El Presidio Real de San Carlos de Monterey

El Presidio Real de San Diego

El Presidio Real de Santa Bárbara

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles

El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe

El Pueblo de Sonoma

San Blas Naval Port



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Theme Description:

Digitally Preserving: El Camino Real de California

In order to better preserve and share the history of the route with a wider audience, CyArk is announcing a program to digitally preserve El Camino Real de California. This program will include the development of an interactive map to showcase the route, the digital documentation and dissemination of the 21 missions, 4 presidios, 3 pueblos and other historic sites, and the development of conservation and educational content.

CyArk will utilize the latest in reality capture technologies, such as 3D laser scanning and high definition photography, to accurately map each site along the route. The field capture will result in a highly accurate record of the site which will be archived for the future and utilized today to develop conservation tools for professionals and educational materials for 4th graders and the general public.

History at Risk

Running parallel to the San Andreas Fault, the sites of El Camino Real de California are under threat of destruction. Several original structures have already been lost to earthquakes, and many remaining structures are seismically unstable. With the loss of these sites, we not only lose a physical building, but also an important piece of California history.

The Benefits

Digital preservation of El Camino Real de California ensures that future generations will be able to experience and learn from these historic sites. We need to undertake this program now, before the sites are further damaged or lost to earthquakes. The information captured during this program will also benefit people today, whether they are working to better conserve the sites, or educate students in a classroom.

Join Us

The digital preservation of El Camino Real de California is a 3-year, $1.5 million initiative. Please join us in preserving an important part of California’s history. To learn more about the project, phasing, and to get involved visit: archive.cyark.org/elcaminoreal or email jpursuit@cyark.org