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In Progress: Eastern Qing Tombs
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Zunhua, China


The Eastern Qing Tombs are an imperial mausoleum complex of the Qing Dynasty, located near Zunhua, 125 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Researchers consider the tombs to be the most complete and best preserved extant mausoleum complex in China, containing the burial grounds of royalty and members of the Qing Dynasty court.

The Eastern Qing Tombs is the third international project of the Scottish Ten, following Mount Rushmore in the United States and Rani ki Vav in India. The international team spent almost 4 weeks documenting the site. The project is occurring in collaboration with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH), the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH) and the Cultural Relics Department at the Eastern Qing Tombs. The capture team of Historic Scotland, the Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art and CyArk is utilizing terrestrial laser scanners as well as a mobile mapping system from Topcon.

The data for the Eastern Qing Tombs project was acquired in November, 2012.

For more information about the Scottish Ten, visit their website.

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