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Digital reconstruction of the Roman Baths of Weißenburg, taken from the southwest

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The Roman Baths in Weißenburg - also referred to as the Great Thermae - are one of the most remarkable relics of the Roman camp and its garrison, the vicus Biriciana, whose duty was to protect the northern border of the province Rhaetia (Upper Germanic Rhaetian Limes). The baths that served the garrison are today located at the edge of the present day city of Weißenburg in Bavaria. They are among the very few such archaeological remains that are preserved on German soil.

The Roman Baths were discovered in 1977 and were turned into a museum in 1983. February 28, 2007 witnessed the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the Roman Bath in Weißenburg. On this day in 1977, remains of Roman walls were uncovered during foundation excavations for the construction of housing estates. The housing project was halted at once pending further investigation. In early March of that year, the Land Bureau for the Preservation of Historic Monuments Nuremberg under Dr Ludwig Wamser, head of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection Munich, began archaeological excavations.

On June 16, 1977, the city council of Weißenburg made the decision to assume sponsorship for the project, which soon proved to be the most luxurious Roman military bath yet discovered and the largest Roman facility of its kind between Regensburg and Saalburg.

Archaeological excavations lasted until autumn 1977 and led to complete exposure of the site. The new protective structure enclosing the grounds - the result of an architectural competition - was built in 1978-79. Conservation and restoration work was carried out between 1981 and 1983. The main concern was to preserve the state of the ruins as true to the original as possible after the excavation and to conduct a reconstruction only where it seemed desirable, either because it was necessary for conservation purposes or for a better spatial representation.

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