CyArk to Participate in Spar International 2012
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Elizabeth Lee
Vice President

Conference on End-to-End 3D in Houston, Texas

CyArk to Participate in Spar International 2012
CyArk will once again be participating in the annual Spar International Conference, being held April 15-18 in The Woodlands, Texas. Spar is a conference where leading 3D professionals convene to discuss the state of the industry, learn best practices, share ideas across diverse business segments, and compare and qualify hardware and software solutions from all major suppliers.

Over the past few years, CyArk has worked closely with Spar to create a special Digital Preservation track to address the use of 3D technologies for cultural heritage. This year the Digital Preservation track will be held on Tuesday April 17th. The track will include presentations on:

bulletDigital preservation of historic sites and artifacts, from 3D data capture to deliverables and visualization (eg, virtual dioramas and digital animation) to sharing information across the web
bulletA project update on the Scottish Ten
bulletImplementing laser scanning with BIM to restore Cincinnati Music Hall
bulletUsing ground-based and airborne lidar for historic sites

The current list of presenters includes:

bulletAdam Metallo and Vincent Rossi, Smithsonian Institution
bulletSam Billingsley, SmartGeoMetrics
bulletSteven Vickers, Focus Corporation
bulletDoug Pritchard, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
bulletChris Mealy, Messer Construction Company
bulletBrian Elbe, Truescan3D
bulletCharles Yuill, West Virginia University
bulletBora Sayin, SolvoTek Engineering Ltd

Spar is also offering a 10% discount to all Friends of CyArk. Click here to register with the CyArk discount.

For more information, visit, email, or call +1-207-842-5692

We look forward to seeing you in Texas!

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