CyArk to Launch CyArk Europe at Digidoc in October
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Elizabeth Lee
Vice President

CyArk to announce European office with Douglas Pritchard at the helm

CyArk to Launch CyArk Europe at Digidoc in October
CyArk to Launch CyArk Europe at Digidoc in October
Douglas Pritchard, Director of CyArk Europe
CyArk to launch CyArk Europe Limited at Digidoc 2012, October 22-23 in Edinburgh. With Douglas Pritchard at the helm, CyArk Europe will advance CyArk’s mission to digitally preserve heritage sites and structures in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. CyArk Europe Limited is headquartered in Glasgow.

Douglas joins an outstanding roster of thought leaders at Digidoc in Edinburgh including Paul Bryan, English Heritage; Gordon Cameron,Pixar Animation Studios; Lourdes Cerezuela, Polytechnic University of Valencia; Joseph Chumbley, Lockheed Martin; Bruce Dell, Euclideon; Greg Downing , Giga Macro/xRez Studios; Anthony Geffen Atlantic Productions, Dr. Christian Hesse, Hesse und Partner Ingenieure; Dr. Phillip Lindley, University of Leicester; Dr. Louise Leakey. Turkana Basin Institute; Adam Metallo, The Smithsonian Institution; Vincent Rossi, The Smithsonian Institution; Gael Seydoux, Ubisoft Entertainment and Neil Tocher of NCTech Ltd.

Douglas Pritchard will serve as director of operations for CyArk Europe and creative director for CyArk in Oakland. He also serves as a senior partner in the Scottish Ten project, working directly with the team from Historic Scotland and has been involved in the technical planning, implementation and site work in all of the 6 completed sites. As former head of visualisation at the Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art, Douglas directed a number of large commercial and academic research projects including the Urban Model for Glasgow (still one of the most detailed urban 3D models in Europe), two AHRC-funded heritage visualization projects and the 3D documentation of Stirling Castle and Rosslyn Chapel. His research interests are immersive visualisation and documentation technology for heritage, architecture and urban planning. Douglas is a graduate architect from the University of Manitoba Canada, a member of the City of Glasgow Urban Design Panel and the Academy of Urbanism.

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