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How To Engage Your Students With No-cost Technology
Heather Calabro of CyArk Tech Center, Mid Pacific Institute, Discusses Classroom Applications for 3D
By: Heather Calabro

Students are more engaged on field trips than they are by a textbook. Who can blame them? It is so much more fun to experience an object or a place than to only read about it. But, with field trips com..

CyArk Receives Grant from National Center for Preservation Technology and Traini
CyArk will Develop Low-cost Emergency Documentation Kit
By: Makenna Murray

November 23, 2015 Oakland, CA—CyArk has been selected as one of fifteen recipients of a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) to develop, disseminate, and..

CyArk wins SXSWEco Place by Design award!
By: Samantha Sartor

Last week CyArk travelled to Austin, TX to compete in SXSWEco’s Place by Design pitch competition. CyArk was one of five finalists in the Data + Tech category focused on projects that utilize emergin..

Brandenburg Gate 3D mapped with lasers to mark the 25th anniversary of German Re
Berlin's iconic monument the latest site in CyArk's mission to digitally preserve 500 historic sites around the world; Iron Mountain and Seagate provide end-to-end services for capture, access and preservation of scanning data
By: Makenna Murray

HAMBURG, Germany, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On the eve of the 25th anniversary of German Reunification, the Brandenburg Gate has been digitally preserved through a collaboration between Landesdenkma..

Digital Preservation at the Brandenburg Gate
By: Chance Coughenour

Architecture shapes our world, sometimes more than we comprehend. Fences and walls are built for protection and security. Doors and gates, however, restrict access to the other side when closed. Althou..

New Speakers and Sponsors Announced for CyArk 500 Annual Summit
By: Makenna Murray

We are delighted to announce a new batch of presenters who will guide us through the current landscape of digital preservation around the world. With so many fascinating presenters on board, we hop..

From the Atlantic Slave Trade to Lahore: a Summer with CyArk
Amelia DeSnoo, from Pomona College, talks about her experience as a CyArk intern
By: Amelia DeSnoo

This summer I had the unique opportunity to work with CyArk on a series of projects ranging from the Atlantic Slave Trade to the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. My experience at CyArk allowed me..

Topics and Speakers Announced for 2015 CyArk 500 Annual Summit
By: Makenna Murray

We are now only 3 months away from the CyArk 500 Annual Summit and excited to share a preview of this year's Topics and Speakers! We hope you will join us in Berlin and register now for the Early Bird ..

Ancient Corinth Joins Archive
Documentation at Ancient Corinth with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
By: Scott Lee

This past June, in collaboration with The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), CyArk digitally documented the Fountain of Peirene at Ancient Corinth, Greece. The project was made po..


When visitors enter the Vancouver Maritime Museum, they are immediately greeted by the historic St. Roch, an imposing 32-metre schooner that once served as an RCMP detachment in the Arctic and became t..

RCMP Schooner St. Roch to be Digitally Preserved
By: Makenna Murray

In July, Vancouver Maritime Museum will partner with CyArk and Absolute Space Engineering to digitally record the historic RCMP schooner, the St. Roch. Absolute Space Engineering will utilize the lates..

By: anon

Topcon Positioning Group announces data from its participation in the digital preservation of the historic Sogi hydroelectric plant in Japan was unveiled at a special event in Bonn, Germany in conjunct..

By: anon

Our 2015 excavation season at Corinth has come to a successful end as the third session supervisors, Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez, Phil Katz, and Anna Marie Sitz, wrap up their final reports over the next ..

A unique initiative begins in Lahore’s Masjid Wazir Khan for digital conservation and 3D scanning of six of Pakistan’s selected heritage sites
By: Waqar Gillani

Efforts are underway to digitally preserve Pakistan’s important heritage sites through an advanced portable laser scanner. The 3D scanning of country’s heritage sites, along with their preservation..

By: (correspondent)

A team of conservation experts is using 3D images of Wazir Khan Mosque to design a virtual tour of the premises which will soon be available online, The Express Tribune has learnt. Murtaza Taj, a La..

By: Ed Carpenter

USF architecture students have teamed with California parks and a cutting-edge preservation group to digitally record, preserve, and, hopefully, restore some of the state’s oldest buildings — Calif..

Documentation at Saint Michael's Mount
Bringing Saint Michael's Mount into the 21st Century
By: Ross Davison

Back in the beginning of April, CyArk, in collaboration with the National Trust fully documented the historic site of Saint Michael's Mount—a tidal island in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, UK. I greatly en..

Preserving Chumash Rock Art
Teaching future generations about California’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and legacy
By: Jennifer Miller

CyArk had a great opportunity to work on a second project with our technology center partner at Santa Ynez High School. Chip Fenenga teaches a unique class called EAST or Environmental and Spatial Tech..

Ancient buildings are sitting ducks in war. But efforts are growing to preserve them digitally in case disaster strikes
By: Emma Cunliffe

The ancient city of Palmyra is a Syrian archaeological treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some 2000 years ago, it was one of the most important cultural centres in the world. Now it’s control..

As the destruction of cultural artefacts by Isis continues, perhaps we need to consider other ways to ‘save’ ancient monuments
By: Jonathan Foyle

It is the worst cultural heritage emergency since world war two,” says Michael Danti, academic director of the Syrian Heritage Initiative at the American Schools of Oriental Research. He is lamenting..


ON THE ISLAND of Rapa Nui—more commonly known as Easter Island—the monolithic statues known as moai rest on the slopes of a collapsed volcano called Rano Raraku. Native inhabitants carved these fig..

By: Jonathan Webb

Priceless historical artefacts have been lost recently, to violence in Iraq and earthquakes in Nepal. But "cyber-archaeologists" are working with volunteers to put you just a few clicks away from seein..

Five New Lesson Plans join the CyArk and Teachers TryScience Websites!
By: Katia Chaterji

CyArk is thrilled to announce the release of 5 new bilingual lesson plans! For a second year in a row, IBM has generously supported the development of CyArk’s lesson plans and educational resources. ..

Cologne Cathedral to be digitally preserved
Hochschule Fresenius and Heriot-Watt University launches 3D project
By: Makenna Murray

World heritage sites are under constant threat from natural and man-made events such as climate change, earthquakes, pollution, fire, vandalism, tourism and urban pressure. Cutting-edge laser scanning ..


A UNESCO advisory panel has recommended granting World Heritage status to Japan’s “Sites of the Meiji Industrial Revolution.” The endorsement covers all 23 facilities in eight prefectures prop..

One of Kagoshima Prefecture’s most alluring historic industrial sites has been included in CyArk’s program to digitally preserve industrial heritage sites
By: CyArk

The Sogi hydroelectric plant, considered a significant contribution to the Meiji Industrial revolution, has been mapped as part of the CyArk 500 Challenge, an international project to digitally preserv..

Sogi hydroelectric plant 3D mapped as part of international preservation effort
One of Kagoshima Prefecture’s most alluring historic industrial sites has been included in CyArk’s program to digitally preserve industrial heritage sites
By: Makenna Murray

OAKLAND, Calif., May 4, 2015- The Sogi hydroelectric plant, considered a significant contribution to the Meiji Industrial revolution, has been mapped as part of the CyArk 500 Challenge, an internationa..

Honouliuli and the Natatorium - working with Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu
By: Alexander Reinhold

At the start of April 2015, CyArk, in conjunction with our tech center at the Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu and the National Park Service, scanned Honouliuli , the former World War II Internment Ca..

Teachers from Oahu’s Mid-Pacific Institute Participate in the 3D Scanning Process
By: Claudia Pierotti

The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, built to honour the 10,000 Hawaii citizens who served in the First World War, has now been digitally scanned by Oakland-based non-profit CyArk in partnership with t..

By: Dennis O'Shea

The War Memorial Natatorium has stood physically on the shores of Waikiki since 1927. Now it also stands there virtually, captured — in three dimensions — by a stream of zeroes and ones. 3D D..

Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, a National Treasure, Now Digitally Preserved by
Teachers from Oahu’s Mid-Pacific Institute Participate in the 3D Scanning Process
By: Makenna Murray

Oakland /Washington /Honolulu (April 23, 2015) - The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium — built to honor the 10,000 Hawaii citizens who served in the First World War — has now been digitally scanned b..

By: anon

The historic Commissariat Store in Brisbane has been digitally scanned using a mobile laser 3D mapping system, as part of an international conservation project. The building is one of three Queensla..

By: Georg Räth

With a laser keeps CyArk historic architecture fixed for eternity. But also in the film and to the police, the technology is used. Again and again millennia-old cultural goods be destroyed willfully..

CyArk Joins Project Mosul to Protect Iraq’s Cultural Treasures
In the face of destruction, the public gains a voice
By: Katia Chaterji

In February 2015, the world was shocked by the horrific videos released by the Islamic State showing the violent destruction of statues and other artifacts held within the Mosul Museum in northern Iraq..

New technology is improving historic site management and the visitor experience. It's also helping preservationists to expand their roles.

In the central passage of George Washington’s mansion at Mount Vernon, a graceful black walnut staircase, built in 1758, has its guts fully exposed. On display are a wrought-iron rod, a steel I-beam,..

New Technologies Used to Digitally Preserve the Virgin Islands’ Annaberg Sugar P
U.S. Virgin Islands National Park joins CyArk’s global initiative to digitally capture sites associated with the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
By: Makenna Murray

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. April 13, 2015 – Set against the breath-taking backdrop of a rich natural landscape, Virgin Islands National Park possesses a lengthy and complex history of slavery, cr..

By: anon

The Commissariat Store in Brisbane has been digitally scanned using a mobile laser 3D mapping system, as part of an international project to record 500 sites across the world. The building is one of..

By: Jacopo Prisco

In 2001, the Taliban wiped out 1700 years of history in a matter of seconds, by blowing up ancient Buddha statues in central Afghanistan with dynamite. They proceeded to do so after an attempt at br..

By: Jacopo Prisco

In 2001, the Taliban wiped out 1700 years of history in a matter of seconds, by blowing up ancient Buddha statues in central Afghanistan with dynamite. They proceeded to do so after an attempt at br..

By: Jacopo Prisco

In 2001, the Taliban wiped out 1700 years of history in a matter of seconds, by blowing up ancient Buddha statues in central Afghanistan with dynamite. They proceeded to do so after an attempt at br..

Firm, 3D Scan, of Italy Wins Booth at SPAR with Donation of Arengario di Monza
By: Makenna Murray

CyArk is pleased to announce that 3D Scan, of Lesmo, Italy, has been selected as the recipient of a free booth at SPAR 2015. Their donation of the beautiful Arengario di Monza, joins the diverse co..

IBM Brings New CyArk Lesson Plans to the Public!
CyArk and Local Teachers Develop Lesson Plans from CyArk's Rich Archive
By: Katia Chaterji

Since 2012, IBM has supported the growth of CyArk’s educational reach, whether through integrating our existing lesson plans into IBM’s Teachers TryScience platform for wider dissemination, generat..

By: Jennifer Squires

Earthquakes, fires or just the natural passage of time will no longer be a threat to students and visitors experiencing the historic Mission Adobe at the Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. A fi..

A training workshop held by CyArk with the African World Heritage Fund
By: Claudia Pierotti

At the beginning of March 2015, CyArk undertook a project for the digital documentation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cidade Velha (“Old City” in Portuguese), which is located in Santiago, the ..

3D image preservation of the world's historic sites
By: anon

Ben Kaycra, influenced by the destruction of ancient historical sites during the war in Iraq, started a non-profit organisation for the preservation of historic buildings and structures. Using 3D la..

We’re losing the sites and the stories faster than we can physically preserve them. Ben Kacyra

Earthquakes and natural disasters are partly to blame. But human factors–arson, acid rain, urban sprawl, terrorism and war–accelerate destruction of our global historic treasures. Rather than s..

Win Free Software from CyArk's Worls-class Technology Partners
5 Days Left to Donate Data and be Entered for the Chance to Win a Free Booth at SPAR 2015
By: Makenna Murray

March 10 is the deadline to submit your data for a chance to win a free booth at the upcoming SPAR 2015 Conference to showcase your work! Spar 2015 is a great opportunity to connect with hundreds of ex..

The nonprofit uses laser-scanning technology to create interactive, 3D models of cultural heritage sites worldwide.

It was a crumbling monument that inspired the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley to pen “Ozymandias,” a musing on the inevitable decline of self-aggrandizing leaders. And it was a crumbling monument—in th..

CyArk Demos Technology to Local Middle School
By: Katia Chaterji

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of presenting to the 7th grade class at Bay Farm Elementary School in Alameda, California. As part of a series of presentations by local professionals, CyArk disc..

Video Presentations from 2014 CyArk Annual Summit Now Available Online
By: Makenna Murray

If you didn't have a chance to attend CyArk's Annual Summit at the National Archives last year, now you can catch up on all of the fantastic presentations from our partners! We were fortunate to ho..

Documenting the Bridge to the Modern Age with Scott Page Design
Alvord Lake Bridge joins CyArk Archive
By: Makenna Murray

History is often the most significant when it is your own, and it is always a joy to discover another local treasure. Here in the California Bay Area, we are surrounded by a wealth of beautiful built h..


Well-known manufacturer of 3D scanners Artec Group has teamed up with CyArk, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of world history for future generations. Together, t..


Consideration to posterity is a powerful human motivator. It’s not only that we want to give to future generations, it’s that we want to know they remember us and what was also important to our anc..

By: Daniele Pipitone

The International Project CyArk for digital preservation of cultural heritage has also announced that the company Artec Group has started to support this initiative for the digital survey and preservat..

Joins global initiative to digitally capture and save the world’s greatest cultural sites, monuments and artifacts
By: Marc Cheeves

Artec Group, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanners, and CyArk, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of world history for future generations,..

Call for Photographs: Digital Rescue of the Cocoa Beach Glass Bank
By: Katia Chaterji

As a result of the American Space Program of the 1960s, the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida underwent significant growth in population and economic gain. With its close proximity to the Cape Canaveral Air..

Okotoks Erratic among CyArk 500 most significant cultural sites
One of Alberta’s most unique historic resources has been included in an international listing of the world’s most significant cultural sites.
By: Makenna Murray

The Okotoks Erratic, considered for centuries sacred by Alberta Aboriginal peoples, has been included in the CyArk 500 Challenge, an international project to digitally preserve and create awareness of ..

Global Artenia Brings Four Spanish Heritage Sites to the CyArk Archive!
CyArk's Data Donation Program

We are very excited to announce that Spanish company Global Artenia has donated four incredible sites in Spain to CyArk’s archive. These sites include the Oracular Sanctuary and Roman Baths of Mura (..

Win a Free Booth at Spar 2015 to showcase your work
By: Makenna Murray

CyArk and Spar are teaming up to promote the use of 3D technologies for cultural heritage. Has your team used 3D technologies to help in the preservation of cultural heritage? This year CyArk is ..

By: Narine Daneghyan

Within “CyArk 500 Challenge” project scanning engineer from the U.S. Ross Davison traveled to Geghard on January 9-10 to create the 3D version of the monastery, along with the students of the Tumo ..

By: anon

Young experts will present on Friday in Yerevan Center of creative technologies "Tumo" Scan to 3D model of the monastic complex Geghard, the press service of the Center. "12 students" Tumo "particip..

By: Greg Schulz

A year or so ago I did a piece tape is still alive, or at least in conversations and discussions. Despite being declared dead for decades, and will probably stay being declared dead for years to come, ..

By: Sam Panthaky

AS part of its conservation effort in 2011, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) teamed up with the Scottish Ten team and CyArk to digitally scan Rani ki Vav. The Scottish Ten is a joint project of..

By: Daniele Pipitone

Last October was held the annual Summit of the project CyArk at the National Archives in Washington DC bringing together leaders from more than twenty countries around the world in a stellar show of su..

Public-Private Partnerships Bring 3D Scanning to Author Jack London’s Estate
By: Makenna Murray

To those who work to preserve cultural heritage, it can seem as though these incredible treasures dwindle on a daily basis. To those unfamiliar with the field, historic and cultural sites may seem perm..

CyArk Receives Governor's Award for Historic Preservation
By: Elizabeth Lee

On November 20th, at the Stanley Mosk Library on the Capital Mall in Sacramento I had the honor of excepting the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation on behalf of CyArk. The award was presen..

By: Marc Cheves

Although there is still some dispute as to who "invented" laser scanning as we know it, one name is synonymous in this country: Ben Kacyra. From his early years in Iraq to his education and work in the..

The 2014 CyArk Annual Summit Update
New 500 Sites Announced and Summit Award Winners

“If we lose these sites, we also lose the stories they tell. Cultural heritage sites make up a piece of our collective human memory, which is why they are so important to preserve. We are delighted t..

CyArk and Iron Mountain
A new sustaining partnership for the CyArk 500

CyArk announced a new partnership with Iron Mountain on October 7th at its Annual Summit, held at the National Archives in Washington, DC. This event marked the one-year anniversary of the CyArk 500 Ch..

Microsoft Internet Explorer Brings Cultural Heritage Sites to Life in Your Brows
By: Katia Chaterji

CyArk unveiled a new interactive website at the National Archives in Washington, DC this October. In a new partnership with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), CyArk and IE bring life to cultural heritag..

Historic Cities Program Announced to Map Cities in 3D
By: Katia Chaterji

CyArk has teamed with HERE, a global leader in mapping and navigation, and a subsidiary of Nokia Corp., to create a "Historic Cities Program," launched at the CyArk Annual Summit in Washington, DC in O..


Maybe all Indiana Jones needed was a good hat and a whip, but if he'd seen what archaeologists are using these days, even he might be jealous. From drones that perform high-fidelity 3-D scans to apps t..



Francesco Bandarin joins CyArk 500 Advisory Council
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk announces Francesco Bandarin as a new member to the CyArk 500 Advisory Council, the advisory board tasked with advising CyArk on the development of selection criteria and reviewing nominated site..

Rosslyn Chapel Educational Content Now Available
By: Katia Chaterji

With the new school year just around the corner, CyArk is excited to announce the release of new lesson plans and online activities for teachers and students, bringing the mysteries of the past to the ..

Japan selected as fifth & final international site for innovative Scottish Ten
By: Elizabeth Lee

The Scottish-designed-and-built Nagasaki Giant Cantilever Crane in Japan will be the final international site for the ground-breaking Scottish Ten laser scanning and digital documentation project. ..

Speaker Preview: CyArk 500 Annual Summit
By: Devon Haynes

We are eagerly anticipating this year's CyArk 500 Annual Summit, which will be held October 7-8 at the U.S. National Archives Building in Washington, D.C. The conference theme for this year is "Democra..

Justin Barton to chair Technology Center Board
By: Elizabeth Lee

During his nearly 10 years at CyArk, Justin Barton has been instrumental in building the CyArk Technology Center and training programs. This August Justin will begin a new chapter as part of the HDS (..

American Students Help Preserve Italian Heritage
By: Lara Barnes

Guest blogger: Lara Barnes is studying architecture at Cal Poly Pomona and is planning to graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture in June of 2015. She recently returned from studying abroad in Flore..

CyArk Engages GoUNESCO Campus Ambassadors
By: Katia Chaterji

How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited in your lifetime? For many, answering this question would be fairly straightforward – heritage sites are often inextinguishable in memory. But..

'Celebrating John Muir in the digital age': Launch of Dunbar Project
By: Adam Frost

Yesterday marked the launch of the transatlantic project ‘Celebrating John Muir in the digital age’ in Dunbar, Scotland, with the unveiling of the project’s interactive digital content and an int..

Groups from Around the Country Rally to Preserve New York State Pavilion
Partnership between a New York corporation, Florida university, and California non-profit leverages crowd-funding to save a National Treasure
By: Devon Haynes

This week, technologists from the University of Central Florida’s Institute of Simulation & Training, local New York firm Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, and California-based non-profit,..

CyArk at TEDxWellesleyCollege
By: Makenna Murray

Guest blogger: Makenna Murray interned with CyArk during the summer of 2013 and recently finished her final year at Wellesley College studying History and Art History. She is planning to go to get her..

U.S. Heritage Endangered by Climate Change

A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists warns that some of the most iconic sites of American history are at risk from the effects of climate change. The United Nations’ 2013 Intergovernm..

El Camino Real Lesson Plans Go Live
By: Katia Chaterji

With the generous support of IBM, CyArk is pleased to announce the completion of three lesson plans inspired by the El Camino Real de California digital preservation project. All three lesson plans are..

Help with the 3D Preservation of a National Treasure
Support our Kickstarter to digitally preserve the 1964 World's Fair NY State Pavilion
By: Justin Barton

CyArk has launched its first Kickstarter project for the 3D digital preservation of the 1964-65 World's Fair New York State Pavilion's Tent of Tomorrow and Astro-Towers. For those of you unfamiliar wi..

John Muir Celebration Reunites Scottish, U.S. Partners in Heritage Preservation
By: Elizabeth Lee

The digital preservation of famed naturalist John Muir’s birthplace in Dunbar, Scotland and his family home in Martinez, California continues to build ties and bring nations together in exciting ways..

History in 3D: Local Students to Digitally Preserve Blue Wing Inn
By: Devon Haynes

The Blue Wing Inn adobe is so wrapped up in Sonoma history, that over the centuries it has attained almost mythical status. Next week, using 3D laser scanners and cutting-edge technologies, students fr..

CyArk at CSU East Bay's STEM Career Awareness Day
By: Katia Chaterji

Last Friday, CyArk Technical Lead Alexander Reinhold and I packed up our gear and headed to Emeryville for STEM Career Awareness Day, an all-day event generously hosted by California State University E..

Rediscovering Fort Brown in 3D
By: Ross Davison

This past month CyArk has been fortunate enough to work with a multitude of remote sensing technologies to recreate Fort Brown--a national treasure from Texas thought lost to history. Using a process ..

Scanning of Cabin at the Gilroy Hot Springs
By: Alexander Reinhold

Yesterday CyArk Europe Production Specialist, Adam Frost, and I drove south to Gilroy, California to scan a historic cabin at the Gilroy Hot Springs, part of the Henry W. Coe State Park. We used two sc..

Support CyArk by Shopping on Amazon
By: Jaime Pursuit

Looking for ways to support CyArk, but haven’t yet mastered the art of 3D laser scanning heritage sites? Not to worry, now you can support digital heritage preservation through online shopping. CyA..

Illuminating the Heritage of Old Paris
Early photographer's images provide rare views of the city before Haussmannization
By: Devon Haynes

Many are familiar with Les Miserables—Victor Hugo’s account of Paris’s poor struggling to survive—but few people know about photographer Charles Marville, who documented the Paris of Victor Hug..

LiDAR Helps Generate <i> Pompeii </i> Movie Magic
By: Devon Haynes

While film critics have their own opinions about the movie Pompeii, which was released in theaters last week, CyArk was interested to learn that the filmmakers made use of LiDAR scanning to enhance the..

Monumental Data, Monumental Data Access Challenges
By: Justin Barton

Non-profit organization CyArk works with its vast network of partners to aggregate and archive 3D data of our collective human history, to transform that data into useful conservation and management to..

Scanning Hall 600 at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice
By: Erwin Christofori and Ruth Url, Guest Bloggers

Erwin Christofori is the founder of the engineering firm Christofori und Partner in Germany, and he is a longtime partner of CyArk. His engineering firm works all over the world, and has had the oppor..

Next Phase in Digital Preservation at Mount Rushmore
By: Alexander Reinhold

Since 2009, CyArk has been working with the National Park Service to enhance their preservation and interpretation efforts at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Last week, as a part of this partnership..

CyArk Named Finalist in East Bay Innovation Awards
By: Devon Haynes

CyArk is honored to be one of the finalists for this year’s East Bay Innovation Awards. In recent years the East Bay has become home to cutting-edge businesses and organizations, and the East Bay In..

New Technology Center at Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii
By: Justin Barton

This week CyArk is working with Mid-Pacific Institute (MPI) in Honolulu, HI, USA to provide training in 3D laser scanning technology and data collection and processing. Faculty members from MPI's eleme..

The Nominations Are In!
Successful first round of CyArk 500 site submissions
By: Devon Haynes

Following the October launch of the CyArk 500 at the Tower of London, groups from all over the world have been nominating sites for inclusion in this unprecedented effort to digitally preserve world he..

Call for CyArk 500 Project Submissions
The first deadline for submissions is December 31!
By: Devon Haynes

We are less than two weeks away from the first deadline for submitting heritage sites for consideration in the CyArk 500. So far, we have submissions from governments, universities, heritage agencies,..

Trans-Antarctic Expedition Huts Archived
Data from Shackleton's epic Trans-Antarctic Expedition now in CyArk archive.
By: Ross Davison

Beards make the man, or so I would have been made to believe flipping through the pages of my father's books. He was an admirer of explorers, adventurers, and seafarers whose exploits and escapades fi..

Respect and Legacy: CyArk and the Topaz Museum
By: Katia Chaterji

Weathering the dust and extreme aridity of Delta, Utah, many at Topaz War Relocation Center sought refuge in the distant Topaz Mountain, a feature that soon became an emblem of the vast isolation exper..

Videos from the CyArk 500 Launch & Conference Go Live
By: Devon Haynes

CyArk is pleased to announce that following the successful 500 Challenge Launch & Conference event in London last month, video footage from the event is now live on the CyArk YouTube page. All confere..

International Community Helps Launch CyArk 500 Challenge
Worldwide publications take note of the urgent need for digital heritage preservation
By: Elizabeth Lee

On October 21st at the Tower of London, CyArk formally launched the CyArk 500 Challenge. Joined by over 200 foreign ambassadors, government officials, cultural representatives, corporate executives an..

TechWomen and CyArk
CyArk works with an emerging cultural heritage professional from Palestine to transfer digital preservation knowledge
By: Taline Ayanyan and Najlaa Ataallh

Today brings an end to a very special month at the CyArk Oakland office. We say farewell to a very special visitor who has joined us for a one-month mentorship to learn about our digital preservation p..

Heritage at Risk:Natural disasters- Earthquakes
By: Divya Jayaram

This is the fourth post in our monthly blog series titled “Heritage at Risk.” Each month, we will highlight one risk factor that threatens our heritage and how CyArk’s mission can help preserve o..

The CyArk 500 Challenge: Officially Launched
CyArk Launches Initiative to Save the World’s Cultural Heritage Sites
By: Devon Haynes

LONDON-- 21 October 2013 – Beloved and culturally significant sites like the Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu need protection, or the world stands to lose them to natural disasters..

Announcing the CyArk 500 Advisory Council
Heritage Experts Guide Decisions on Identifying Most Critical Heritage Sites to Digitally Preserve
By: Devon Haynes

In advance of the CyArk 500 Challenge Launch & Conference, which will take place this October 20-22 at the Tower of London, CyArk has convened a body of heritage experts to serve on the CyArk 500 Advis..

Scanning Begins at Mission Sonoma
Another site captured along El Camino Real
By: Makenna Murray

Guest blogger: Makenna Murray is finishing her final year at Wellesley College studying History and Art History. She is planning to go to get her masters in Historic Preservation following graduation...

Maptek Donates 3D Data of Aboriginal Rock Art Scan to CyArk Archive
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is pleased to announce that Maptek has donated data sets to the CyArk archive from 3D scanning they conducted of Aboriginal rock art at Kakadu National Park in Australia. This is the most recent..

Heritage at Risk: Acts of Human Aggression
By: Divya Jayaram

This is the third post in our blog series titled “Heritage at Risk.” Each month, we will highlight one risk factor that threatens our heritage and how CyArk’s mission can help preserve our histor..

3D Scanning Conducted at John Muir’s Home in Martinez, CA
Digitally Documenting the Famous Naturalist’s Legacy
By: Scott Lee

John Muir, Scottish-born American naturalist famously known as the Father of the US National Park movement, might have been surprised to see CyArk’s production team descending last week on his Victor..

Announcing New Academic Rate for CyArk 500 Challenge Launch & Conference
By: Devon Haynes

Due to overwhelming interest, CyArk has created a limited number of Academic spaces within the CyArk 500 Launch and Conference. These spaces are reserved for researchers, students and professors within..

How to Become a Digital Archiving Enthusiast; John Muir's Legacy Continues
By: Lisa Barrett

Guest blogger: Lisa Barrett has completed two years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in architecture. Originally from San Tan Valley, Arizona, she is spending the summer in the Bay intern..

Technology & The Humanities Intersect Along El Camino Real
Service provider, 3DVDT's Sonoma Mission intern discusses the importance of comprehensive digital documentation and data dissemination for Mission Sonoma
By: Makenna Murray

Guest blogger: Makenna Murray is finishing her final year at Wellesley College studying History and Art History. She is planning to go to get her masters in Historic Preservation following graduation. ..

3D Scanning -- Even the Romans Would be Impressed
CyArk, Historic Scotland, and the Glasgow School of Art's Digital Design Studio partner to scan the Antonine Wall
By: Elizabeth Lee

Historic Scotland announces the fifth Scottish UNESCO site to be scanned as part of the Scottish Ten initiative: The Romans were known for their feat, skill and innovation and now the Antonine Wall,..

Heritage at Risk: Climate Change and Earthen Heritage
By: Divya Jayaram

This post is the second in our blog series titled “Heritage at Risk”. Each month, we will highlight one risk factor that threatens our heritage and how CyArk’s mission can help preserve our histo..

First Speakers for CyArk 500 Conference Announced
Heritage and technology experts from four continents to speak at CyArk Conference
By: Elizabeth Lee

We are pleased to announce the first set of speakers for the CyArk 500 Launch and Conference. These speakers are just the beginning of an impressive line up of individuals and topics. Please check th..

Help CyArk win $15,000 to Digitally Preserve Ancient Sea of Galilee Boat
By: Jaime Pursuit

For the second year in a row, CyArk has been selected as a finalist in the EMC Heritage Trust program. Last year thanks to the support of CyArk’s friends we were able to raise funds for the digital ..

Project Launch: Fort Conger
The Early Age of Arctic Exploration
By: Ross Davison

CyArk is proud to announce the launch of Parks Canada’s Fort Conger on the CyArk website. Fort Conger is the third project made possible by CyArk’s Data Donation Partner Program and a collaboration..

The Values of Combining Digital Heritage <br> With an On-Site Visit
By: John Mooyman

Guest blogger: John Mooyman resides in Alamo, California and has completed his freshman year at Monte Vista High School. In his free time he enjoys scuba diving and exploring the outdoors. He is active..

Heritage at Risk: Urban Encroachment
A Predicament to the History of the Walled city of Lahore
By: Divya Jayaram

This post is our very first piece from our blog series titled "Heritage at Risk". Each month, we will highlight one risk factor that threatens our heritage and how CyArk’s mission can help preserve o..

Heritage at Risk
A blog series
By: Divya Jayaram

Our Heritage is at risk. Cultural heritage sites are becoming collateral victims with the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters, both natural and human induced. The destruction of Bam and i..

Work begins at Ancient Stabiae
CyArk provides a digital blueprint to aid conservation of home to the Roman elite
By: Scott Lee

Earlier this week work commenced digitally documenting the ruins of Ancient Stabiae in a collaborative project between not-for-profits CyArk and the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation. The project w..

UKZN Technology Center Continues to Grow
UKZN and ACT receive 3rd consecutive year of digital preservation training
By: Justin Barton

Late in the evening of Friday, May 24th, I boarded a plane (the first of three) to Durban, South Africa. Arriving sometime Sunday morning, I was greeted by colleague and friend, Michelle Dye. The rest ..

The challenge to save our cultural heritage
Launch of the CyArk 500 Challenge and conference to take place 20-22 October at the Tower of London
By: Ben Kacyra

Our cultural heritage is at-risk. The destruction of the Great Umayyad Mosque Minaret in Aleppo, Syria and the Nohmul Pyramid in Belize last month underscores the vulnerability of centuries old struct..

Ruth Parsons Named Executive Director for CyArk Europe
CyArk adds former Historic Scotland CEO to its management team
By: CyArk

Ruth took up the position of Executive Director, CyArk Europe, on the 1st January this year following a successful 30 year career as a Civil Servant working to both the UK and Scottish Governments. ..

ASU's Hispanic Research Center partners with CyArk
A collaboration to digitize Franciscan sites across the globe
By: Justin Barton

CyArk is pleased to announce our partnership with the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University and their ongoing Saint Francis and the Americas project. Earlier this year at the Califor..

Announcing the CyArk Advisory Council
Which sites do we save, and how do we decide?
By: Tom Greaves

Our mission at CyArk is to digitally preserve cultural heritage sites using advanced 3D imaging tools. Our purpose is to make the information we collect available in perpetuity for both education and ..

Data Management at the Sydney Opera House
By: Justin Barton

The Sydney Opera House, with its white-tiled, arched “shells” (or “sails”, depending on whom you happen to be speaking too), is a testament to creative genius and design. That, of course, is wh..

Sydney Opera House: Press Release
New 3D Sydney Opera House scanning underway to safeguard Australia’s most famous building for future generations
By: Scott Lee

Scottish Ten scan UNESCO World Heritage-listed masterpiece, the only modern building included in this historic, global project Sydney Opera House is being surveyed inside and out by a team of laser..

Third Avenue Church goes live on CyArk
Saskatoon's 100 year old church is safely archived
By: Jaime Pursuit

CyArk is proud to announce the launch of Saskatoon Canada’s Third Avenue Church on the CyArk website. The project is a result of CyArk’s new Data Donation Partner Program and a collaboration betw..

CyArk joins transatlantic project to celebrate John Muir
New project to digitally document the homes of conservationist John Muir
By: Elizabeth Lee

A transatlantic project that will digitally document in 3D the homes of Scottish conservationist John Muir using cutting-edge scanning technology was announced by First Minister Alex Salmond in New Yor..

Scottish Ten goes to Sydney
Next week the team travels to Australia
By: Justin Barton

Next week the team membersof theScottish Ten project board planes in both Scotland and the USA, some flying east, some flying west, but all converging on Sydney, Australia. Sydney is an iconic modern w..

CyArk Receives First Arctic Heritage Site
SarPoint Engineering Ltd. Donates Data from Fort Conger to Archive
By: Jaime Pursuit

In 1881 Fort Conger was established on Canada's northern Ellesmere Island during the first northern polar scientific expedition. The Fort was funded by the US Government and was therefore named after ..

CyArk Receives Positive Feedback from Japanese American Community
San Jose's Japanese American Museum Hosts Successful Interactive Session for Community
By: Elizabeth Lee

On March 16th, 2013 I had the opportunity to present at the Japanese American Museum in San Jose (JAMsj). The presentation was open to the community and focused on presenting the preliminary results f..

CyArk Presenting at Japanese American Museum of San Jose
By: Justin Barton

Elizabeth Lee, Director of Operations at CyArk, is pleased to be presenting on CyArk's digital preservation efforts at Manzanar, Topaz, and Tule Lake at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose this Sa..

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Project Concept to Digital Documentation: CyArk & ON Scans Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Lourdes, France.
By: Calvin Kwon

This article is written by Calvin Kwon. Calvin Kwon is a Proejct Manager for Organization & Networks (ON) Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto – a significant Catholic pilgrimage site visited by n..

CyArk to participate in the Society for California Archaeology's 2013 Public Day
When: Sunday, March 10, 2013
By: Justin Barton

The Society for California Archaeology (SCA) will be hosting a Public Day at the Berkeley Marina during their 2013 Annual Meeting. The Public Day will bring together participants from archaeology a..

Climate Change and Historic Cities
By: Divya Jayaram

This article is written by Divya Jayaram. Divya has a Masters in Architectural Conservation from the University of Edinburgh and is currently a volunteer with CyArk. Documentation forms the basi..

CyArk partners with Science Visualization to create Exhibitions
SuperScan: Digitizing the World will bring 3D data from heritage sites to museums around the world
By: Justin Barton

February 4, 2013 — Science Visualization, a Maryland-based company that brings science to the public through media and exhibitions, today announced its partnership with CyArk, the world leader in dig..

VIDEO: Documenting the Eastern Qing Tombs, China
The official Scottish Ten project video
By: Justin Barton

This following video, produced by Historic Scotland, shows the Scottish Ten team digitally documenting the expansive Eastern Qing Tombs in northeast China. Using laser scanning technology to capture so..

CyArk to Chair Digital Historic Preservation Track at SPAR
SPAR conference scheduled for April 15-18 in Colorado Springs
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is proud to serve as the Digital Historic Preservation Track Chair for the 2013 SPAR International Conference. The annual SPAR International conference brings 3D professionals together to acquire..

Digital Preservation of Mission San Juan Bautista
CyArk documents its fourth Mission of El Camino Real de California
By: Alexander Reinhold

Mission San Juan Bautista, located about 90 miles south of San Francisco, was founded in June 1797 by Fr. Fermin de Lasuen. It was the fifteenth of twenty-one missions established in Alta California. C..

Data Management at the Eastern Qing Tombs
The data challenges for the largest scale Scottish Ten Project to date
By: Justin Barton

The Eastern Qing Tombs is made up of 15 separate tomb complexes for emperors, emperoresses, and emperial concubines. The third international Scottish Ten project focused on just two of these tombs, but..

The Technology of the Eastern Qing Tomb's Digital Preservation
A Technology Blog for the Scottish Ten China project
By: James Hepher, Alastair Rawlinson

This article was written by James Hepher, HS Surveyor, and Alastair Rawlinson, DDS Head of Data Capture. Weeks Two and Three on the Scottish Ten project here at the Eastern Qing tombs near Zun..

CyArk and the Scottish Ten at the Eastern Qing Tombs
By: Elizabeth Lee

This week marks the close of fieldwork at the Eastern Qing Tombs in China. The project is the third international project of the Scottish Ten, following Mount Rushmore in the United States and Rani Ki..

CyArk and Partner to Digitally Preserve Ancient Mayan Sites
Players of Zynga’s popular Hidden Chronicles game can now support CyArk’s mission
By: Jaime Pursuit

SAN FRANCISCO, California, November 19, 2012 – CyArk and have teamed up to preserve our cultural heritage sites -- the tangible representations of humanity’s shared past. Players of Zynga..

DigiDoc 2012 Recap
Douglas Pritchard provides a conference summary
By: Douglas Pritchard

Last week Digidoc 12 was held at the Royal College of Sugeons’ Hall in theatrically mist-filled streets of Edinburgh Scotland. Over 200 people from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and ..

Digital El Camino Real de California goes live at Old Mission Dolores
New 3D technologies used to save California's oldest buildings
By: Elizabeth Lee

SAN FRANCISCO, California, October 25, 2012 -- Andrew Galvan, curator of Old Mission Dolores, San Francisco's oldest building debuted CyArk's virtual tour and 3D visualization of the mission in San Fra..

Sydney Opera House Announced as Next Scottish Ten Site
Next International Project Announced at Digidoc in Edinburgh
By: Justin Barton

October 22, 2012: Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop today announced that Sydney Opera House will be the fourth international site to be digitally scanned by th..

CyArk Participates at EuroMed 2012 in Cyprus
EuroMed Digital Cultural Heritage Conference in Cyprus
By: Tom Greaves

Next week the 4th International Euro-Mediterranean Conference (EuroMed 2012) opens in Cyprus. The event which runs from October 29 to November 3 will be attended by hundreds of cultural heritage profe..

Project Update: Virtual Reconstruction of Manzanar, Topaz and Tule Lake
CyArk's Progress on the 2011 JACS Grant
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is in the final stages of the work to virtually reconstruct three sites through a grant from the National Park Service's Japanese American Confinement Sites program. In 2011, CyArk began a proje..

CyArk to Launch CyArk Europe at Digidoc in October
CyArk to announce European office with Douglas Pritchard at the helm
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk to launch CyArk Europe Limited at Digidoc 2012, October 22-23 in Edinburgh. With Douglas Pritchard at the helm, CyArk Europe will advance CyArk’s mission to digitally preserve heritage sites a..

Digital Preservation of Mission San Luis Rey
CyArk continues its efforts to document El Camino Real
By: Justin Barton

Mission San Luis Rey was founded in June 1798 as the eighteenth Spanish mission established in California. It is named after Saint Louis IX, King of France. The current church structure dates to 1811 a..

Digidoc 2012 Announced
Annual conference on new technologies for archaeology, architecture, design and cultural resources
By: Elizabeth Lee

Earlier this week Historic Scotland announced the annual Digidoc conference. Digidoc is the leading international conference on digital documentation and visualisation in relation to architecture, des..

IBM Supports CyArk's Education Program
CyArk to collaborate on STEM initiative with Teachers TryScience
By: Jaime Pursuit

CyArk is thrilled to announce the receipt of a cash grant from IBM. The grant will go towards supporting the integration of CyArk’s educational content into IBM’s Teachers TryScience platform. ..

Artifact Digital Preservation at Mt Rushmore
NPS Staff learn Photogrammetry to create Virtual Museum 3D objects
By: Justin Barton

This year CyArk has been working closely with our partners at Mt Rushmore National Memorial and Autodesk to digitally preserve artifacts within the park's collection using photogrammetric techniques. ..

CyArk's First High School Techology Center
Santa Ynez Valley Union High Acquires 3D Data Capture Tools and Training
By: Justin Barton

For a week in early August (8/6/12 - 8/10/12), I worked closely with Ronald "Chip" Fenenga of Santa Ynez Valley Union High School (SYVUHS) to train him in CyArk's digital preservation methods and stand..

By: El Camino Real

CyArk requests the pleasure of your company for the Digital El Camino Real Launch at Mission Dolores 5-7pm, Thursday, October 25th at Mission Dolores 3321 16th Street, San Francisco - free ..

CyArk Releases New Online 3D Viewer
Interact with our 3D point clouds and models right in your browser!
By: Landon Silla

With the major advancements in browser technologies in the past few years, CyArk has been working on a brand new Online 3D Viewer to help serve our mission of providing realistic, meaningful, useful, a..

Virtual Manzanar
CyArk and NPS Previewed a Digital Reconstruction of Manzanar to the Public on July 23, 2012
By: Elizabeth Lee

On the afternoon of Monday, July 23, 2012, I was at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles, CA. Along with staff from Manzanar National Historic Site, CyArk unveiled its fir..

Bringing Digital Preservation to El Camino Real of California
CyArk scans the first of 21 missions: Mission Dolores of San Francisco
By: Alexander Reinhold

CyArk and its network of partners have been working this year to bring digital preservation technologies to El Camino Real of California, the historic route also known as the "California Mission Trail"..

CyArk and NPS Unveil Preview of Manzanar Digital Reconstruction
The public is invited to a special preview at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles
By: Taline Ayanyan

CyArk is excited to unveil the in-progress digital reconstruction of Manzanar for public preview and comment. Through a unique partnership with the National Park Service, CyArk is working to create a d..

CyArk to Host Panel at NCPTT Digital Summit
CyArk leads discussion on digital data management in San Francisco
By: Elizabeth Lee

This week in San Francisco's historic Presidio, CyArk will participate in the 3D Digital Documentation Summit hosted by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. The conference runs..

Video Blog: South African Technology Center Update
Digitally preserving rock art at Kruger National Park
By: Justin Barton

At the end of May I traveled to northern South Africa with our Technology Center partners, the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the African Conservation Trust. The project's aim was to provide a second ..

How I Learned About 3D Printing from CyArk
A guest blog from a Middle School Science Fair
By: Zachary McDonald

Earlier in 2012, as a part of my 2012 Science Fair Project at St. Catherine School, I wanted to learn about 3D printing. I started by researching what exactly 3D printing is and how it’s already use..

CyArk Digital Preservation Station at Mount Rushmore
Stop by to get hands-on experience in 3D documentation of artifacts!
By: Justin Barton

The CyArk Digital Preservation Station will be open throughout the July 3rd Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Members of the public are encouraged to visit the station t..

Mount Rushmore Introduces Digital Preservation Project
Official Rapid City Launch of the 5 Year Program
By: Elizabeth Lee

KEYSTONE, SD: The National Park Service announces the official launch of the Mount Rushmore Digital Preservation project. At a press event held this week in Rapid City, the National Park Service and p..

CyArk and NPS Launch Mount Rushmore Mobile App
Project partners release an educational mobile app featuring a virtual tour of the sculpture and 3D content
By: Taline Ayanyan

Rapid City, South Dakota: Project partners of the Mount Rushmore digital preservation project announce the launch of the official National Park Service mobile app featuring a virtual tour of the Mounta..

CyArk Partners in Google World Wonders Project
Google launches new virtual tourism tool for heritage sites
By: Elizabeth Lee

On May 31st at an event held in Madrid, Google announced its new World Wonders Project. Led by Google’s Street View technology, the World Wonders Project allows users to virtually explore and disco..

Xochicalco: Scanning Field Report
A recap of the field documentation from Xochicalco
By: Elizabeth Lee

The week of May 14th CyArk kicked off a multi-year program with Mexico’s National Institute for History and Anthropology (INAH). The program, titled the Sacred Cities of Ancient Mexico involves the d..

CyArk to Digitally Preserve Xochicalco
CyArk begins a major initiative in Mexico
By: Elizabeth Lee

Instituto Nacional de Anthropologia y Historia (INAH) has developed a groundbreaking partnership with CyArk. The joint program, the Sacred Cities of Ancient Mexico, will digitally preserve 11 of Me..

CyArk Winner in EMC's Heritage Trust Project Contest
Winnings will help CyArk digitally preserve San Francisco's Mission Dolores
By: Jaime Pursuit

CyArk is extremely honored to announce that we've received the second prize in EMC's Heritage Trust Project Contest. We'd like to thank all the CyArk supporters who made this win possible by voting fo..

Ben Kacyra speaks at the Commonwealth Club on May 10th
Couldn't attend TED Global last July in Edinburgh?
By: Scott Lee

Here's your chance to hear CyArk's founder Ben Kacyra speak about CyArk's work to digitally preserve the California Missions and El Camino Real, as well as other global heritage sites in the CyArk 500...

CyArk's Tom Greaves featured in LiDAR Magazine
An Interview with CyArk's Executive Director, Tom Greaves
By: Scott Lee

CyArk's Executive Director, Tom Greaves, gives an insightful interview for the latest issue of LiDAR Magazine. In the article Tom discusses how his early upbringing and education guided his career choi..

Help CyArk win $15,000
CyArk selected as one of seven finalists in the EMC Heritage Trust Project
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk has been selected as one of seven finalists in EMC's Heritage Trust Project. The EMC Heritage Trust Project recognizes and supports digital stewardship of the world's information heritage in loc..

Project Launch: Titanic Database Project
Exclusive footage from James Cameron's dive expeditions is now available to the public as part of CyArk's Titanic Database Project
By: Taline Ayanyan

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the most infamous maritime disaster of all time, CyArk is proud to announce the launch of the Titanic Database Project. The project is the result of Directo..

Data Longevity
How will we store digital data for the next 500 years?
By: Tom Greaves

How do we archive heritage documentation so we can be confident we'll be able to retrieve this information next year, in 5 years, in 50 years or 500 years? The United States Library of Congress req..

3DReshaper helps CyArk create impressive 3D models of Cultural Heritage icons
CyArk is proud to announce a signed MOU with 3DReshaper
By: Justin Barton

In a continued effort to bring the best tools for digital preservation to our workflow, CyArk has finalized an MOU with Technodigit, the makers of 3DReshaper meshing software. CyArk began testing the s..

Ben Kacyra to Speak at Commonwealth Club
CyArk’s founder will present capturing ancient wonders in 3D & the CyArk 500 Challenge
By: Jaime Pursuit

CyArk’s Founder, Ben Kacyra, will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on May 10th. The United States' oldest and largest public affairs forum, the Commonwealth Club, presents 4..

AIA St. Louis: Lecture by Elizabeth Lee
Lecture Title: Digital Preservation of the World's Cultural Heritage
By: Scott Lee

You are invited to listen to CyArk's Director of Projects and Development, Elizabeth Lee, deliver a lecture tonight on digital preservation to the AIA of St. Louis. Elizabeth will be discussing CyArk's..

Google's SketchUp Blog Highlights CyArk's Work
Google's official SketchUp blog discusses CyArk's use of the software
By: Justin Barton

As a non-profit, CyArk is a recipient of free licenses for SketchUp Pro through Google's SketchUp for Nonprofits program. Google's SketchUp team recently approached us to write a blog about how we util..

CyArk to Participate in Spar International 2012
Conference on End-to-End 3D in Houston, Texas
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk will once again be participating in the annual Spar International Conference, being held April 15-18 in The Woodlands, Texas. Spar is a conference where leading 3D professionals convene to discu..

Project Launch: San Antonio Missions
CyArk and Partners Launch the San Antonio Missions Digital Preservation Project Website
By: Scott Lee

February 28, 2012: The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park formally announces the launch of the San Antonio Missions Digital Portal, a new way to virtually visit the National Historical Park ..

Help CyArk on Facebook
Take action and Like our Facebook page
By: Justin Barton

CyArk is in the running for a $10,000 advertising grant from Facebook! If won, this grant could drastically help increase our social media presence to spread the word of our mission and foster advo..

Executive Order 9066: 70 years later
Preserving the almost forgotten
By: Charisse Sare

February 19th marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States military became wary of t..

Mount Rushmore Digitally Reproduced
The shrine to democracy has re-emerged into the physical world after digitization.
By: Mondrian Hsieh

CyArk has partnered with Ronald Rael, a Professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley, to test a new innovation in the field of rapid prototyping as well as to test our ability to produce media fit for phys..

Mount Rushmore Project Launch
CyArk and the National Park Service Launch the Mount Rushmore web portal, allowing visitors to explore an online virtual 'tour' and gain access to 3D models created from laser scanning
By: Taline Ayanyan

The National Park Service and CyArk are extremely excited to kick off the new year with the launch of the much anticipated Mount Rushmore Website, a new way to virtually visit the National Memorial nea..

Tom Greaves Named Executive Director of CyArk
CyArk adds respected industry leader to senior management team
By: CyArk

Beginning January 2, 2012 Tom Greaves will serve as Executive Director of CyArk. Tom has long been a supporter of CyArk and its mission to digitally preserve our world's cultural heritage.  He bega..

CyArk and Partners Launch the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Web Portal
Official Press Release
By: Taline Ayanyan

CyArk and partners are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Digital Preservation Project Website. This special Hopi portal on the CyArk website will allow a new gene..

Special Message from CyArk Founder, Ben Kacyra
A personal note from Ben
By: Ben Kacyra

Season's Greetings, As 2011 comes to a close, I want to reach out and thank you for your support and contributions over this past year, and to ask you for your continued help as we formally launch T..

CyArk Signs MOU with Dunhuang Academy in China
CyArk finalizes Agreement for First Site in China
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is pleased to announce the signing of an MOU with the Dunhuang Academy for the digital preservation of the Mogao Caves. The caves represent one of the most important sites in China and we are th..

CyArk to Speak at Remote Access to World Heritage Sites Conference
Ben Kacyra to keynote international UNESCO Conference
By: Elizabeth Lee

This week in Edinburgh, CyArk's Ben Kacyra and Elizabeth Lee will be speaking on the topic of Remote Access to World Heritage Sites. The two day conference features delegates from around the world and..

Tule Lake: Relocation Center Laser Scanned by CyArk and CU Denver
A guest blog by Mike Nulty, Technical Coordinator at the University of Colorado Denver's Center for Preservation Research
By: Mike Nulty

As part of a continued partnership between CyArk and The University of Colorado Denver’s Center of Preservation Research (CoPR) in the College of Architecture and Planning, we have teamed up again to..

CyArk Featured on the Homepage
CyArk Founder Ben Kacyra's TED talk goes live
By: Elizabeth Lee

The morning of November 9, 2011 Ben Kacyra's TED talk went live on the website. The talk is currently featured on the homepage of TED and within the first eight hours of going live the talk su..

The CyArk Office: Working Inside an Architectural Landmark
The Breuner Building: Part of the Art Deco Legacy of Downtown Oakland
By: Myasha Nicholas

For over a year, CyArk has been based in downtown Oakland, home to many amazing Art Deco architectural masterpieces. We are fortunate to have our office in the famous Breuner Building. It was designed ..

Scanning at the Tule Lake Segregation Center
The next WWII Japanese American Confinement site to get digitally preserved by CyArk
By: Taline Ayanyan

As you may already know, CyArk has been enthusiastically making progress on the project to digitally preserve three out of ten War Relocation Authority Relocation Centers from World War II. Under a gr..

CyArk and the Scottish Ten Head to India
Historic Scotland, Glasgow School of Art, and CyArk team up to scan Rani Ki Vav
By: Elizabeth Lee

The Scottish Ten team and CyArk began work scanning Rani Ki Vav stepwell in Patan, Gujarat, India this week. This project is the second international site of the Scottish Ten. The first international..

CyArk Surpasses One Million Visits to in 2011
CyArk reaches a milestone with help from over 200 countries
By: Charisse Sare

We are proud to announce that CyArk has surpassed a million visits on our website for the year. At the close of September we had already reached 1.06 million visits. This same time last year we were at..

Digidoc 2011 Recap
An update on the exciting week at the Digital Documentation conference in Glasgow, Scotland
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week marked the always exciting Digital Documentation conference in Glasgow, Scotland. This was the third year of the conference, now shortened to Digidoc, and was truly the best conference yet. ..

CyArk Releases First iPad App
Fort Laramie iPad/iPhone app is now available for download FOR FREE in the iTunes Store
By: Landon Silla

After a great deal of work, CyArk is proud to announce the release of our first iPad app in the iTunes Store. (EDIT: It has subsequently been released for iPhones as well). The Fort Laramie app is av..

World War II Relocation Center Captured by CyArk
Topaz Center in Delta, Utah, one of ten WRA centers captured for digital reconstruction
By: Taline Ayanyan

The National Park Service (NPS) has partnered with CyArk through the Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program to digitally preserve the Topaz Relocation Center. The Topaz Relocation Center is..

CyArk Captures New Data at the Presidio of San Francisco
CyArk provides a glimpse into the layered walls at the Officers' Club
By: Taline Ayanyan

On a typical cool Bay Area summer morning, the CyArk team made its way to the Presidio of San Francisco to capture some of the oldest walls ever built in the city. At the heart of the Presidio, these ..

Glasgow Set to Host Digital Documentation Conference
CDDV to Host international conference on 3D capture and digital imaging
By: Elizabeth Lee

Glasgow is set to host an international conference on digital documentation next month. The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV), a joint venture between Historic Scotland and t..

Elizabeth Lee to Keynote the ISDE Conference
CyArk Keynotes the International Society for a Digital Earth Conference
By: Justin Barton

CyArk's Director of Projects and Development, Elizabeth Lee, to keynote annual international conference. Elizabeth will be speaking about CyArk and our global digital heritage preservation efforts. ..

Hawaiian Heritage Sites Update
Hawaiian Heritage sites set to launch on CyArk website soon
By: Annabel Lee Enriquez

Last December, CyArk, with the help of its partners, conducted the field work for the Digital Preservation of three culturally significant Hawaiian sites. Those sites, or wahi pana ("place(s) of signif..

Remote Archipelago Captured as the Latest Site in Scottish Ten
St. Kilda is Successfully Recorded as part of the Scottish Ten
By: Justin Barton

St. Kilda becomes the most recent addition to the Scottish Ten. Earlier this month, CyArk's partner, the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualization (comprised of Historic Scotland and the Glasg..

Ben Kacyra Receives Standing Ovation at TEDGlobal
CyArk Founder Ben Kacyra Speaks to International Audience in Edinburgh
By: Elizabeth Lee

Ben Kacyra spoke to a crowd of over 600 people at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh earlier this month. Speaking on the final day of the conference, Ben Kacyra spoke about CyArk and the need to pr..

UNESCO World Heritage Convention Highlights Importance of Cultural Landscapes
Five cultural landscapes designated as World Heritage sites.
By: Annabel Lee Enriquez

As a historic preservationist, I realize that large and gorgeously-designed buildings and monuments and archaeological ruins of bygone civilizations usually grab the public’s attention, and rightfull..

Rock Art from Around the Globe
Often overlooked or disregarded, historic rock paintings and carvings can be as awe-inspiring as any other form of art. Check out some unique and famous sites from France, Australia and Norway.
By: Myasha Nicholas

After creating educational activities and other content for the Tutuveni petroglyph site, I have become inspired to learn more about rock art. In different corners of the world over vast stretches of t..

CyArk to Digitally Preserve Japanese American Confinement Sites
National Park Service selects CyArk as one of 24 projects for 2011 Grants Cycle
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk receives $240,000 towards the digital preservation of three Japanese American Confinement Sites. CyArk, in partnership with the University of Colorado at Denver, Densho, and the War Relocation A..

A Straight and Gleaming Tower of Pisa
It takes more than soap and water to clean the famous leaning tower
By: Charisse Sare

The Leaning Tower of Pisa at Piazza del Duomo is one of the most recognizable wonders of the world. But with hundreds of years of stress, pollution, tourists and pigeons, the Tower was in need of some ..

Introducing CyArk's Summer Interns
6 Students and Young Professionals Join CyArk for the Summer
By: Scott Lee

As a young, non-profit organization, CyArk thrives on volunteers and student interns. Internship programs allow us to teach the next generation of digital preservation specialists. We also learn from..

CyArk attends Hexagon 2011
A strong presence and a new network with the wider Hexagon industries
By: Justin Barton

The annual Leica Geosystems HDS Worldwide User Conference has officially been merged with the annual Hexagon conference. This merge joins Leica with its new family affiliates under the Hexagon umbrella..

Digital Repatriation: Marble House
Sneak preview of a Gilded Age masterpiece
By: Scott Lee

Earlier this year the CyArk team traveled to Rhode Island to digitally preserve the Marble House— one of the famous Newport Mansions built as a “summer cottage” during the late 1800’s. The home..

Ben Kacyra to Speak at TED Global
CyArk founder to present an Idea Worth Spreading at global conference in July
By: Elizabeth Lee

On July 15th Ben Kacyra will address the global audience at TED with his Idea Worth Spreading, CyArk. TED is a nonprofit with the mission of spreading ideas. Started as a conference in 1984 to brin..

Historic Preservation students using technology to unlock Colorado's past
3D Scanners help document historic cultural landscapes
By: Justin Barton

CyArk is pleased to share the following press release with our audience. CyArk has partnered with University of Colorado Denver's Center of Preservation Research (CoPR) since 2009. The partnership bega..

Beyond Rushmore and the Scottish Ten
Expanding the Scottish Heritage Archive
By: Justin Barton

In March I traveled to Edinburgh and Glasgow to meet with our partners from the Centre of Digital Documentation and Visualization (CDDV), which is comprised of Historic Scotland's Conservation Group an..

CyArk Launches Website en Español
CyArk está sumamente entusiasmado sobre su logro de proveer acceso a los de habla hispana a través del lanzamiento de nuestro sitio web en Español
By: Taline Ayanyan

CyArk is excited to provide access to Spanish speakers through the launch of our Spanish website Fotografía del Sistema IV en Monte Albán (Photograph of System IV at Monte Albán) El archivo ..

Strong Heritage Presence at Spar 2011
CyArk and Partners Showcase Wide Range of Heritage Topics
By: Elizabeth Lee

This year's spar conference had perhaps the largest showing of heritage presentations in recent years. CyArk has worked with Spar closely over the last few years to organize the heritage component of ..

Bacteria Eats Away at the RMS <i>Titanic</i>
The world famous shipwreck is now being threatened by oceanic bacteria.
By: Myasha Nicholas

Since its tragic descent to two and a half miles below the North Atlantic on April 14th, 1912, the RMS Titanic has been gradually deteriorating along the ocean floor. Recently, the scientific community..

Establishing CyArk South Africa
Creating Africa Chapter and Technology Center with University of KwaZulu-Natal and the African Conservation Trust
By: Justin Barton

I've just completed a week long trip to South Africa where I met with our new partners, the African Conservation Trust (ACT) and the Geomatics department of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). Toge..

CyArk at Spar 2011
Conference Kicks Off in Houston with Strong Heritage Presence
By: Elizabeth Lee

Over the last few years, CyArk has worked closely with Spar conference organizers to develop a strong heritage presence at the conference. As the conference officially kicks off this morning in Housto..

Work Begins on Next Phase of Mount Rushmore Project
5 year partnership moves forward with on site training
By: Justin Barton

CyArk recently traveled to Rapid City, SD to meet with senior park staff to discuss the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Digital Preservation Project. This project is a 5 year partnership between the ..

Hawaiian Heritage Captured in 3D for Digital Preservation
A joint effort of several interested parties brought CyArk to the Big Island to document 3 heritage sites
By: Justin Barton

Last week (Nov 29-Dec 4) saw the culmination of months of planning to bring Digital Preservation to the islands of Hawai'i. Through the concerted efforts of new allies and old partners, CyArk was able ..

Project Update: Mt. Rushmore
Previewing the initial results from the Mt. Rushmore Digital Preservation Project
By: Scott Lee

By this time, many are familiar with the story of our field collection efforts at Mt. Rushmore. After meticulously sorting through and editing 2.5 weeks of field data the CyArk team and our partners ..

National Park Service Intermountain Region News Release
NPS announces the launch of virtual Fort Laramie
By: Elizabeth Lee

November 24, 2010: The National Park Service Intermountain Region formally announces the launch of a new way to virtually visit Fort Laramie National Historic Site in Wyoming. This new web portal in..

CyArk Announces Website Redesign
It's been a while since the website has received a facelift. So after significant effort, we are proud to release our new website. In addition to the obvious cosmetic changes, we have also added quite a few additional, more subtle, features. Read on for more information!
By: Landon Silla

Objectives: One of the biggest goals we had in mind was to make our vast archive of content more easily accessible and better organized. We have added more information to our media elements so you ar..

CyArk Presents at 6Sight Conference
CyArk Demonstrates Digital Preservation at Future of Imaging Conference
By: Elizabeth Lee

This week the 6Sight annual imaging technology conference was held in San Jose, CA. CyArk was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the event and present on 3D imaging technologies and their appl..

CyArk Scans Hopi Petroglyphs
By: Kristina Sturm

Three of us from the CyArk team just returned from spending a week in the Arizona desert digitally documenting two Hopi petroglyph sites, Tutuveni and Dawa Park. Tutuveni is the primary site of the pr..

The story of the field documentation at Tutuvehni, by Lee Wayne Lomayestewa
By: Lee Wayne Lomayestewa

My name is Lee Wayne Lomayestewa, I work in the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office of the Hopi Tribe as a Research Assistant. The Hopi Cultural Preservation met previously with the CyArk crew and other ..

CyArk Attends APT International Conference
CyArk co-presents with key partners, NPS and CoPR, on work at Fort Laramie National Historic Site
By: Justin Barton

From October 6-9, 2010, the Association for Preservation Technology held their international conference in Denver, CO, USA. CyArk was there to present in the "Documentation" session. It was a joint pre..

CyArk Highlighted at Innovate Oakland Event
Final InOak Event Includes 3D Point Clouds of Cultural Heritage Sites
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last Friday, October 8th, CyArk's technology and content were highlighted at the final InOak event of the year. As taken from the InOak website, "INOAK was created in 2010 by a handful of innovati..

CyArk Makes Cover Story of American Surveyor
Mt. Rushmore Digital Preservation Project Highlighted
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk's Mt. Rushmore project has been selected as the cover story for this month's issue of American Surveyor magazine. Vol.7, Issue 7 of the widely distributed industry magazine includes a 9-page cov..

Cliff Dwellings and Horse Packing
CyArk helps Partner Document Ancestral Puebloan ruins
By: Justin Barton

Over the last year, we have developed a very close partnership with the Center of Preservation Research (CoPR) at the University of Colorado, Denver. The partnership which began with our work together..

National Geographic Magazine Features CyArk and Partners
October 2010 Issue Features CyArk in Big Idea
By: Elizabeth Lee

The October 2010 issue of National Geographic features a 3-page article about CyArk and our mission. An abbreviated version of the article may be viewed at:

Laser Scanning Success at St. Anne's Church
CyArk and Christofori und Partner Digitally Preserve Gothic Masterpiece in Vilnius, Lithuania
By: Erwin Christofori

This post was written by Erwin Christofori of Christofori und Partner after he and his team scanned St. Anne's Church. Erwin has worked on 3D laser scanning projects around the world, including severa..

The Scottish Ten in Orkney
Scottish 10 team moves on to capture Neolithic Orkney
By: Elizabeth Lee

After the successful completion of the Mt. Rushmore Project, the Scottish Ten has begun work on the next project in Scotland. Beginning August 13th, the team has been hard at work capturing the UNESCO..

New Discovery within the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl
By: Myasha Nicholas

Teotihuacán, a highly influential but still very mysterious epicenter in the pre-Columbian world, has recently revealed a tunnel sealed off since its cultural prime. Yesterday, the Herald reported ..

Laser Scanning St. Anne's Church in Vilnius, Lithuania
CyArk and Christofori und Partner Digitally Preserve Gothic Masterpiece
By: Dirk Häusleigner

This post was written by Dirk Häusleigner of Christofori und Partner before departing for Vilnius. Dirk has worked on 3D laser scanning projects around the world, including several projects in the Cy..

Highlights from the Mt. Rushmore Laser Scanning Project
A Re-cap of the 2 week scanning portion of the project at Mt. Rushmore
By: Elizabeth Lee

After several weeks on the road, I am back at CyArk headquarters in Oakland, CA. The biggest event over the last few weeks has been the completion of our work at Mt. Rushmore. During the project, Mt...

Managing a Digital Mount Rushmore
By: Justin Barton

In mid-May I was privileged to be a part of a truly and literally monumental project: the Digital Preservation of Mount Rushmore. CyArk partnered with the Scottish Centre for Digital Documentation and ..

Mt. Rushmore Scanning Project a Success
3D Capture of a National Monument
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk recently completed the 3D capture of Mt. Rushmore. Part of a 5 year partnership with the National Memorial, the laser scanning portion of the project was completed by an incredible team from acr..

CyArk Prepares for Laser Scanning Mt. Rushmore
Laser Scanning portion of Digital Preservation Project to Start May 10
By: Elizabeth Lee

Things have been very busy at CyArk lately. Between our office move last month and our on-going projects, we have not been very diligent about our blogging. We hope to improve this through upcoming f..

Spar 2010 Wrap-up
Annual Conference on 3D technologies boasts large heritage preservation presence
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week we attended the annual Spar conference on 3D imaging and capture technologies. I have had the opportunity to attend this event for the past 3 years, and it is always a great experience. Spa..

Romanesque Church of Saint Trophime Laser Scanned
CyArk and World Monuments Fund join to Digitally Preserve magnificent iconography
By: Justin Barton

Last year CyArk partnered with World Monuments Fund (WMF) to Digitally Preserve the renowned cloister of Saint-Trophime, one of the multiple structures within the historic center of Arles, France inscr..

Haiti Heritage Preservation: A Call for Volunteers
CyArk Needs Volunteers to Help Document Haiti's Cultural Heritage
By: Dan Walsh

The recent earthquake in Haiti has devastated a nation and caused immeasurable loss of life. Thankfully, the world has responded en masse. Donations, supplies, and aid workers have flown in from all co..

King Tut's Tomb Undergoes Digital Preservation and Reproduction
Egyptian specialists are recreating Tut's tomb to spare it from stress caused by tourism.
By: Angelica Nava

Imagine a dark, dank, cavernous yet cramped space. The air inside hangs heavy; the heat lingers. Each busy day can usher in as many as 1000 people, although the average height of the chamber measures o..

CyArk at SPAR 2010
A preview of what to expect from CyArk at SPAR 2010
By: Dan Walsh

Everyone here at CyArk has been gearing up for the SPAR 2010 conference in Houston, TX next week. For those of you who don't know, SPAR 2010's focus is "all about the business and technology of capturi..

Field Update and Media Advisory: Scanning the San Antonio Missions
Digitally Documenting a National Park Service Treasure
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week field work began on our much anticipated San Antonio Missions project. This project, announced last December, involves the digital documentation of 4 of the Missions of San Antonio as well a..

Haiti Relief: Heritage Call to Action
ICOMOS President Calls for Help from the International Community

In light of the recent tragic events in Haiti, ICOMOS President Gustavo Araoz has circulated the following call to action. In response to this call, CyArk is asking all those interested in joining vol..

Scanning Erosion: Preserving the rock art of El Morro, New Mexico
The National Park Service goes high-tech in preservation efforts
By: Ashley M. Richter

Rising above the plains of western New Mexico is a series of sandstone bluffs called El Morro, Spanish for ‘the headlands’. The location of a stable water source, it became a popular pit-stop along..

Moen jo Daro - New Threats to Indus Valley Civilization
Rising water tables and violent vandalism endanger site's future
By: Parveen Talpur

About the Author Parveen Talpur is a New York based writer and historian. Her research at Cornell University (1990-97) focused on the decipherment of Moen jo Daro seal symbols. The results of her rese..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

Surveying techniques range from simple manual methods to remote sensing instruments capable of millimeter precision. The choice of survey device depends on the type of information needed and the co..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

Primary Sources: Wikipedia: GPS and Wikipedia: GNSS The Global Positioning System, usually called GPS (the US military refers to it as NAVSTAR GPS - Navigation Signal Timing and Ranging Global..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

Primary Source: Wikipedia: Remote Sensing In the broadest sense, remote sensing is the measurement or acquisition of information of an object or phenomenon, by a recording device that is not i..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

For most endangered heritage sites, the first tool required for preservation and restoration is a reliable, accurate site survey. Terrestrial LiDAR (aka 3D Laser Scanning, aka High Definition Surve..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

In computer graphics and cinematography, high dynamic range imaging or photography (HDR for short) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital ima..

Digital Preservation Technologies
By: Justin Barton

Primary Source: Wikipedia: Panoramic Photography Panoramic photography is a style of photography that aims to create images with exceptionally wide fields of view, but has also come to refer t..

Getting to Know the 5 Scottish World Heritage Sites
A recap of a weeklong tour of 4 of the sites to be included in the Scottish 10
By: Elizabeth Lee

This December I experienced an incredibly packed 5 days of Scottish heritage. As part of the Scottish 10, I traveled to Scotland to become more familiar with the 5 Scottish sites to will be included i..

Teotihuacan and the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl
Digital Preservation of a Mesoamerican Wonder
By: Justin Barton

Field work has just ended and I am currently in Mexico with our Director of Projects, Liz Lee, and CyArk partner (and friend) Frank Collazo of Leica Geosystems HDS. We have come to the wonderous site o..

CyArk Gifts for the Holidays
Give AND Receive
By: Dan Walsh

With the help of our partners and the support of people like you, CyArk has made 8 new projects available on our website in the past year. Among others, these projects include the oasis city of Ancient..

CyArk Partners with National Parks Service to Capture Four Historic Missions
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is proud to announce our upcoming project with the National Parks Service to digitally preserve the Missions of San Antonio. Our work at the National Historic Park will include the missions Nuest..

New 3D Model Displays - You Choose
How should we show our new 3D models?
By: Dan Walsh

CyArk would like your help determining how to best display our new 3D models. These light-weight site representations are a great visualization tool for teachers, students, and researchers, and enable ..

2012: Archaeology and Hollywood
Part Five of Five - Mass Entertainment and The End
By: John Mink

In the prior chapters of this CyArk blog series, we have talked about the idea of the year 2012: What it means to modern people, and what it may have meant to the Classic Period Maya of Central America..

Mt. Rushmore Digital Preservation Project Prepares for Initial Survey
CyArk, NPS, Respec, and Wyss and Associates meet to discuss control network survey
By: Elizabeth Lee

As part of the preparatory work for the Mt. Rushmore Digital Preservation project, this week I traveled to Rapid City South Dakota. The purpose of the trip was to meet with park staff as well as our l..

2012: Maya Conceptions Of Time
Section C of Part 4 (of Five) - Future Predictions or Endless Cycles?
By: John Mink

This entry is Section C of the three-section Part IV of the 2012 Blog Series from CyArk (click here for Section A and here for Section B)...Yes, that is a bit convoluted, but so is the Maya calendar it..

2012: Understanding The Maya Calendars
Section B of Part 4 (of Five) - The Long Count
By: John Mink

This is Section B of the three-section Part IV of the 2012 Blog Series from CyArk (click here for Section A)...Yes, that is a bit confusing, but so is the Maya calendar - at least to our eyes. Be aware..

CyArk and Partners Featured on New York Times Front Page
By: Dan Walsh

CyArk and partners Historic Scotland and Glasgow School of Art were featured in a New York Times article entitled Scots Aim Lasers at Landmarks, written by Michael Kimmelman. The article discusses the ..

2012: Maya Perspectives and Cultural Remains
Part Four (Section A) of Five - The Maya
By: John Mink

We have discussed some aspects of the public fascination, hype and hysteria surrounding the upcoming date of December 21 (or 23!), 2012 over the previous posts in this series: Introduction, Millenarian..

CyArk to Host Data from Rosslyn Chapel
CyArk works with Historic Scotland, the Glasgow School of Art, and the Rosslyn Chapel Trust to Share Data with the Public
By: Elizabeth Lee

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new data set to the CyArk Archive. Working with Historic Scotland, the Digital Design Studio at the Glasgow School of Art, and the Rosslyn Chapel Trust, CyA..

CyArk Welcomes Pointools as New Partner
Pointools software to form backbone of multimedia production moving forward
By: Justin Barton

CyArk is very pleased to announce the development of a new partnership with Pointools. The UK-based company creates high-end point cloud editing and rendering software. We are excited to be working clo..

Give a Point Cloud, Get a Point Cloud
Submit a Point Cloud Contest Rules and Submission Page
By: Dan Walsh

The Give a Point Cloud, Get a Point Cloud contest is mostly for those attending the Leica Geosystems User Conference this past week. But really, anyone can enter if they'd like. The rules are reall..

2012: New Age Predictions
Part Three of Five - Pan-shamanism
By: John Mink

The two prior entries to the 2012: Truth, Fiction, and the Popular Imagination blog series introduced us to some questions surrounding the year 2012 and began to explore some of the sources of confusi..

Ruins of Jerash Field Report - Conservation and Tourism
Richter in the Field - Volume 1
By: Ashley M. Richter

That’s right, I’m out of the CyArk office and out in the field. Over the last few months while I have been working part time in the CyArk offices, I have also been working from a distance to compl..

CyArk featured on KQED's Quest Program
CyArk's work at Chichén Itzá Highlighted on TV Program
By: Elizabeth Lee

On October 13th at 7:30 pm PDT, the local San Francisco Bay Area station KQED will air a segment about CyArk's work at Chichén Itzá as part of the Maya Skies project. The story will air on KQED 9 &..

WMF's 2010 Watch List includes CyArk Site
Tambo Colorado, Peru is threatened, but Digitally Preserved
By: Justin Barton

Last week the World Monuments Fund (WMF) announced their biennial "Watch List" for 2010. Every two years the WMF releases a list of the world's 100 most endangered sites, be they endangered from excess..

2012: End of the World Perceptions and Myths
Part Two of Five - Millenarianism
By: John Mink

With this second installment of 2012: Truth, Fiction, and the Popular Imagination (Part One - Introduction was last week's blog), we turn our gaze towards our own perceptions of The End Of The World a..

CyArk's New Home on the Social Webs
Utilizing Social Websites to Reach a Broader Audience
By: Dan Walsh

You may or may not have noticed CyArk's presence in a few new places around the web. We have begun making a concerted effort to reach out to a broader internet audience by spreading the CyArk mission o..

CyArk to Participate in First Ever Heritage Track at Leica HDS User Conference
Join CyArk in San Ramon October 26-28
By: Elizabeth Lee

In only 3 weeks CyArk will be joining other enthusiastic laser scanning experts from around the world at the annual Leica HDS Worldwide User Conference in San Ramon, CA. The conference will take place..

2012: Truth, Fiction, and the Popular Imagination
By: John Mink

This is the first post of a multi-part blog series from CyArk on the 2012 phenomenon that has exploded across popular literature, the internet, television, and now film. As the date itself has its base..

By: Hannah Bowers

The CyArk 3D Point Cloud Viewer is a powerful tool that allows you, the user, to interact within a 3D model space. This enables anyone to view our 3D point cloud data in true 3D. This application h..

Field Report: Digital Preservation of Fort Laramie National Historic Site
3D Laser Scanning in Wyoming
By: Justin Barton

Hello from Fort Laramie (and Torrington), Wyoming! CyArk is currently in the field working to Digitally Preserve the Fort Laramie National Historic Site. Fort Laramie was once an important hub point f..

Religious iconography, repurposed statues, and medieval frescoes from around the globe.
By: Lili Siegenthaler

Welcome to Take Five, a new blog feature in which your host, Lili, showcases CyArk's top five photos in a given theme. Today we take a few looks at religious imagery from around the world: Germany, Cam..

Recycling Monuments: The Hinduism/Buddhism Switch at Angkor
The Changing Face of Religious Architecture at Angkor, Also Common Elsewhere
By: Ashley M. Richter

The idea of recycling is far more ancient than many would think. For millennia, people have reused everything; metal, clothing, and yes, even ancient monuments. Current trends in archaeological thought..

Better Dating Through Volcanoes
An Island's Destruction is a Boon to Archaeologists
By: Lili Siegenthaler

Ever hear the old joke about the man who tried to forge ancient coins, but got caught when scholars noticed they were stamped “52 BC”? Archaeologists hear this joke and give a wistful sigh. If ..

CyArk Welcomes New Volunteers to the Team
Volunteers help expand CyArk's workforce and mission
By: Justin Barton

Recently CyArk has been fortunate to grow in our work force through the generous contributions of our volunteers. They have all greatly increased our productivity and have proven invaluable to us durin..

Spar 2010 Calls for Presentations
CyArk Partners With Spar to Continue Heritage Track at Annual Conference
By: Elizabeth Lee

Once again CyArk will be working closely with the Spar conference to organize a heritage session for their upcoming 2010 conference. The conference will take place in Houston, TX February 8-10, 2010. ..

Fires near Greek capital of Athens
Homes, forests, and cultural heritages sites threatened by blazes
By: John Mink

A series of devastating fires near Athens, Greece, have burned scores of homes and tens of thousands of hectares of pine forest and olive groves. They also placed several important archaeological sites..

Digitizing the Intangible
Royal Flutes Commemorate Bugandan Tradition
By: Monica Carr

There is some heritage and culture that cannot be laser scanned into 3D images. Music has its own distinct and emotional cultural legacy, and it was composer Dr. Albert Ssempeke who used his knowledge ..

CyArk Rushmore Project Featured in UK Guardian and New Zealand Herald
Correction: CyArk Was Not Involved in the Documentation of Roman Catacombs
By: Dan Walsh

CyArk has recently received press for our upcoming digital preservation of Mount Rushmore in the UK's Guardian, The New Zealand Herald, and on NewsCred. We are pleased with the great coverage but would..

Carbon Dating & Archaeology
The RadioActive Clock
By: Ashley M. Richter

Time is relative. Different cultures around the world record time in different fashions. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is the year 2009 AD. But according to the Hebrew calendar..

Royal Tombs of African Buganda Kings in 3D
Digital Preservation of CyArk's first Sub-Saharan and Organic Architecture Site
By: Justin Barton

In February of 2009, a volunteer partner of PCA brought donated scanning equipment to Kampala, Uganda. There, it was used to conduct sample digital preservation at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the T..

Dendrochronology - Real Science VS Hollywood Forensics
Utilizing Tree Ring Dating for Archaeological Investigation
By: Ashley M. Richter

With the popularization of scientific analysis on television shows like CSI and Law and Order, it seems science can tell us everything these days. It can solve every crime and decipher every riddle. P..

AOL News Features CyArk's Planned Digital Preservation of Mt. Rushmore
'Cutting-Edge' Technology Will Create 3-D Map of Monument
By: Dan Walsh

Catherine Cullen of AOL News wrote an article about CyArk's partnership with the National Parks Service and Historic Scotland, and the upcoming digital preservation of Mt. Rushmore. "People may be u..

Monolithic Moai of Easter Island Captured in 3D
Digital Preservation takes you to one of the most remote places on Earth
By: John Mink

Rapa Nui, a small volcanic island and province of Chile more commonly known as Easter Island, is home to one of humanity's most enigmatic and instantly-recognizable archaeological landscapes. First set..

CyArk Celebrates the Launch of Project 25
Rapi Nui becomes the 25th cultural heritage site to be digitally preserved
By: Elizabeth Lee

With the launch of Rapa Nui this afternoon, CyArk celebrates the 25th project to be digitally preserved and made publicly available via the web. We thought this silver anniversary of sorts called for ..

Mount Rushmore to get Laser Treatment
By: Dan Walsh

Jeff Martin wrote an article in USA Today about the upcoming Digital Preservation of Mount Rushmore. "The stoic faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln will never know what ..

Launch of the Carmelite Church of Weißenburg
Medieval Church Scanned and Photographed
By: Charisse Sare

A visit to the Bavarian city of Weißenburg is like taking a step back in time. There are ancient Roman ruins to be explored, Renaissance influences to be experienced, and Gothic architecture to be exa..

The Maya and Ancient Urbanization
Pollution, over-expansion, and deforestation may have caused decline of Maya at UNESCO World Heritage Site Tikal.
By: Ashley M. Richter

Although it’s taken much of the world quite some time to jump on the conservation bandwagon, it seems the Classic Mayan civilization was practicing good environmental management policies well befor..

Assemblage of 16th Century Portal Begins at the University of San Francisco
Laser Data More Accurate than Anticipated
By: Dan Walsh

The University of San Francisco, my alma mater, has been steadily making remarkable improvements to a number of the buildings on campus since my graduation in 2006. The newly renamed Kalmonowitz Hall i..

Spar Point Research Editorial on Mount Rushmore Partnerships
Scanning of Mount Rushmore - Good for Many
By: Dan Walsh

Lieca N. Hohner, Chief Editor at Spar Point Research wrote a glowing editorial about the combined efforts of the National Parks Service, Historic Scotland, and CyArk at Mount Rushmore. "The agreeme..

Mt. Rushmore Selected to be First International Project in Scotland 10
CyArk, National Parks Service, and Historic Scotland Partner to Digitally Preserve Founding Fathers Amid July 4th Celebration
By: Elizabeth Lee

Amidst the Independence Day celebrations at Mt. Rushmore, another event with international implications was taking place. Almost 10 hours before the famous fireworks, a special press conference was he..

National Parks Traveler Reports on CyArk's Plans to Digitally Map Mount Rushmore
By: Dan Walsh

Kurt Repanshek, at National Parks Traveler, posted substantial coverage regarding CyArk's recent presence at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. "Digital mapping. This relatively new technology is a b..

Rapid City Journal Reports on CyArk's Mount Rushmore Plans
With laser scan, Mount Rushmore to get virtual tours
By: Dan Walsh

Jeremy Fugleberg of Rapid City Journal wrote a solid summary of the events unfolding at Mount Rushmore, and CyArk's partnerships with Historic Scotland and the National Parks Service. "MOUNT RUSHMOR..

CyArk Receives International Press in The Scotsman
Scots win Mt Rushmore 3D deal
By: Dan Walsh

CyArk received international press coverage when Christopher Mackie of The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper, reported about our recent efforts at Mount Rushmore. "The Scottish Ten project, which will ..

UNESCO World Heritage Site Monte Albán of Mexico in 3D
Zapotec capital digitized with 3D laser scanners and HDR photography
By: Justin Barton

CyArk is pleased to announce the web-launch of our latest project, the Zapotec capital of Monte Albán, Mexico. This project was made possible through the generous collaboration of the Instituto Nacion..

World Heritage in Google Earth: 3D Models Across the Globe
By: Dan Walsh

We at CyArk, love 3D and maps; especially when those two things involve cultural heritage. I've compiled a list below of some of the best 3D models of World Heritage Sites and historic locations that a..

Stone Bridge of Regensburg: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Digitally Preserved
German Medieval Bridge now archived with CyArk
By: Justin Barton

In May 2008 a highly skilled 3D survey team from the German firm Christofori und Partner travelled to the historic city of Regensburg, Germany. Regensburg has over 1000 historic landmarks within its ..

Effective Field Data Capture and Creation of High Dynamic Range Images
By: Justin Barton

Conceptual Data Capture In 1997, Paul Debevec published a paper about how to digitally create high dynamic range images for rendering surfaces. This paper is very technical and includes the algorithm ..

5 Tips from the CyArk Team
By: Hannah Bowers

It is often difficult to capture the beauty of a site with drawings and photographs alone. This is why animations are often helpful for viewers to get a sense of the space and relation of objects to on..

Laser Scanning the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Trophime
Digital Preservation of a 12th Century Cloister
By: Elizabeth Lee

Work finished a little earlier than expected so I decided to take an opportunity to do an official blog from the field during a late breakfast at the hotel. I am writing from Arles, a small historic t..

Why use HDR Photography: Practical Applications past Hyper-Real Photos
By: Justin Barton

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) is a process which involves taking multiple photographs, each exposed differently (eg, ‘bracketing’), and then using special computer software to combine these pho..

Ancient Stone Tenon Heads Discovered in Ancash, Peru
Stone carvings discovered in Chupacoto may be older than tenon heads from Chavín de Huántar
By: Nicole Medina

On May 8, 2009 officials in the Ancash region of Peru announced the discovery of stone tenon heads estimated to be 4,000 years old. The tenon heads were discovered in the Huaylas district at an archae..

Laser Scanning the Underworld of Rome
Mile after mile of Catacombs get documented in 3D for first time
By: Justin Barton

Below Rome, Italy, burrowed into the soft yet durable volcanic tufa rock, are over 170km (105 miles) of winding catacombs. There are over 40 individual catacombs, dating back two millennia, which were ..

Digital Documentation Conference Doubles in Size in Second Year
Digital Documentation 2009 Hosts Over 200 International Delagates
By: Elizabeth Lee

In only its second year, the Digital Documentation conference, coordinated by the Digital Design Studio at the Glasgow School of Art and in association with Historic Scotland, Leica Geosystems, Hexagon..

CyArk Helps Kick-Off Euromed Heritage ATHENA Project
Three Year Ancient Amphitheater Project Begins
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week I had the honor of representing CyArk at the ATHENA project kick-off meeting in Amman Jordan. I only spent three days in the country but I had a wonderful experience meeting new partners and..

CyArk featured on Cover of Archaeology Magazine
Scan. Digitize. Save.
By: Dan Walsh

In October 2008, Archaeology Magazine's Deputy Editor Eric Powell accompanied the CyArk team to digitally preserve the Zapotec ruins of Monte Alban, just outside Oaxaca, Mexico. Archaeology Magazine h..

Cultural Heritage and Identity in the Wake of the L'Aquila Earthquake
L'Aquila suffers a devastating loss of life, homes, and cultural heritage
By: Nicole Medina

On April 6, 2009, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in the central Italian region of Abruzzo. The quake is the deadliest earthquake to strike Italy since 1980. L'Aquila, capital city of Abruzzo, and ..

CyArk Enjoys Large Presence at CAA and Spar 2009
CyArk receives much attention at major archaeology and laser scanning industry conferences
By: Elizabeth Lee

Two of the largest conferences of their kind were held back-to-back this year in the United States. The Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) conference is one of the larg..

Dynamite Damages Ancient Reliefs in Turkey
Roman tomb reliefs were damaged by looters' dynamite explosions in Mersin, Turkey
By: Justin Barton

Ten days ago at the archaeological site Adamkayalar in the Şeytan Valley of Turkey, a group of looters damaged eleven rock-wall relief niches when they detonated dynamite. The Mersin University Kl..

The Historic Acania Boat is Scanned for Restoration
3D laser scanning is employed to provide detailed information to restoration workers
By: Justin Barton

In March 2009, I travelled within the SF Bay Area to a shipyard in Alameda, CA. There I met with a team from UC Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) consisting of Dr. Shak..

Launch of Digital Preservation Knowledgebase
A Collection of Articles and Documents About Digital Documentation
By: Justin Barton

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Knowledgebase on the CyArk website. We are striving to make the new knowledgebase a resource for information on techniques and technologies used to digita..

Investigations into the Accuracy Behaviour of the Terrestrial Laser Scanning System Mensi GS100
By: Justin Barton

The abstract puts it best when it says, "Although terrestrial 3D laser scanning is being used increasingly for a wide range of applications, no laser scanning system on the market is suitable for all a..

By: Justin Barton

The International council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) has an international committee dedicated to the documentation of cultural heritage; named CIPA (the International Committee for Documentation o..

By: Justin Barton

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) is an NGO dedicated to helping the advancement of knowledge and research in remote sensing, photogrammetry, and spatial technolog..

English Heritage's Advice and Guidance to users on laser scanning in archaeology and architecture
By: Justin Barton

English Heritage's Heritage 3D project researched and collected information and data from workshops and case studies while participating in steering committees to produce this beginner's guidance manua..

An Addendum to the Metric Survey Specifications for English Heritage - The Collection and Archiving of Point Cloud Data Obtained by Terrestrial Laser Scanning or Other Methods
By: Justin Barton

In conjunction with the Heritage 3D "Advice and guidance to users on laser scanning in archaeology and architecture" beginner's guide, this more-detailed publication outlines specific standards for cl..

Creating Standards and Specifications for the Use of Laser Scanning in CalTrans Projects
By: Justin Barton

Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) partners with the University of California at Davis' AHMCT department for various projects. Together, they conducted an equipment test of multiple tim..

A collection of multiple case studies conducted in partnership with English Heritage and Heritage 3D
By: Justin Barton

The following link will take you to the case studies contributed to the Heritage3D project by associates. Each case study is individually available in PDF format. The multitude of case studies include..

The University of Applied Science in Mainz, Germany tests the accuracy of multiple laser scanning systems
By: Justin Barton

This paper investigates the accuracy of multiple laser scanning systems and was conducted in 2003 by i3mainz (the Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology at the University of Applied..

Comparative Investigations into the Accuracy Behaviour of the New Generation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems
By: Justin Barton

HafenCity University Hamburg's Department of Geomatics investigated the quality of measurements obtained with multiple laser scanners. For the time-of-flight scanner test, they employed the: Trimble..

An introduction brochure to the Leica ScanStation 2 Terrestrial Laser Scanner
By: Justin Barton

This is the short promotional brochure for the Leica ScanStation 2 terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). It does not provide technical specifications of the equipment; for this, please see the dat..

Leica ScanStation 2: Exceptional Speed, Outstanding Versatility
By: Justin Barton

Data Sheet (technical specifications, etc.) for the Leica ScanStation 2 terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). This data sheet will provide all the specs such as laser range, speed, density/resolut..

Leica ScanStation: 3D laser scanner with total station features
By: Justin Barton

Data Sheet (technical specifications, etc.) for the Leica ScanStation terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). This data sheet will provide all the specs such as laser range, speed, density/resolutio..

Leica HDS6000: A new generation of ultra-high speed laser scanner
By: Justin Barton

Data Sheet (technical specifications, etc.) for the Leica HDS6000 terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). This data sheet will provide all the specs such as laser range, speed, density/resolution, e..

Leica HDS6100: Latest generation of ultra-high speed laser scanner
By: Justin Barton

Promotional brochure for the Leica HDS6100 terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). It does not provide technical specifications of the equipment; for this, please see the data sheet. For other l..

Leica HDS6100: Latest generation of ultra-high speed laser scanner
By: Justin Barton

Data Sheet (technical specifications, etc.) for the Leica HDS6100 terrestrial laser scanner (in US English). This data sheet will provide all the specs such as laser range, speed, density/resolution, e..

Preservation and Management Strategies for Exceptionally Large Data Formats
By: Justin Barton

The Archaeological Data Service (hosted by the University of York) investigated the current problems associated with storing, using, and disseminating large (and increasingly larger) data sets generate..

A web-forum for the discussion of 3D laser scanning
By: Justin Barton

the 3D laser Scanning Forum is dedicated to attracting members of the laser scanning community from all over the world to discuss the topic of 3d laser scanning and all it has to offer. Currently you m..

A catalog of the current FARO laser scanning product line
By: Justin Barton

An equipment catalog for the multiple FARO scanners available with a brief description of what comes with them (eg, software bundles and software licenses) as well as accessory items such as tripod mou..

Brochure and Data Sheet for the Photon 80/20 Laser Scanning System
By: Justin Barton

A two-page brochure complete with technical specifications (data sheet) for the new FARO Photo 80/20 laser scanning system, providing range, speed, size, and even laser power/wavelength information...

By: Justin Barton

Data Sheet and informational brochure for the Optech ILRIS-3D laser scanning system providing information such as speed, range, physical size, operating conditions (eg operational weather conditions), ..

Early Hominid Footprints Discovered in Africa
Laser scan analysis of ancient footprints reveal that Homo ergaster walked upright.
By: Nicole Medina

A set of early human footprints discovered in Africa reveal that 1.5 million years ago prehistoric humans walked upright in a manner very similar to modern humans. The report was released by the journ..

Top 10 Endangered Heritage Sites - Urbanization
10 Sites at High Risk from the threat of rapidly increasing worldwide Urbanization
By: John Mink

Urbanization, the last entry in this CyArk series, is of special concern to those of us who understand the great value of cultural heritage sites. In a sense, urbanization is the reason for and the cul..

Ben Kacyra to Speak at Digital Documentation Conference
Glasgow School of Art and Historic Scotland to Host International Delegates April 22-23, 2009
By: Dan Walsh

On April 22nd and 23rd, the 2nd annual Digital Documentation conference will be held at the Old Fruitmarket in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City. Digital Documentation 2009 will have twelve presente..

Launch of UNESCO site Qal'at al-Bahrain and Support of Leica TruView
SCDS Group Contributes First Project to Support TruView
By: Elizabeth Lee

We are proud to announce the launch of Qal'at al-Bahrain on CyArk. This site was contributed to our archive by SCDS Group who collected the data in collaboration with the Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry o..

Cultural Heritage as Lawsuit Pay-out?
Irreplaceable Persian Tablets Threatened
By: Justin Barton

In the 1930s a great archaeological discovery was made: a group of tens of thousands of clay tablets, ranging from nugget-sized to place mat-sized, describing the daily internal life of the Persian Emp..

China Wants Zodiac Sculptures Returned
Contested cultural relics create conflict
By: Dan Walsh

Cultural artifacts are a funny lot. They tend to move around frequently, and in doing so become ambassadors of a particular culture to the entire world. It's a wonderful thing that a child in France ca..

Top 5 Endangered Heritage Sites - Desertification
5 Sites at High Risk from the Hazards Associated with Desertification
By: John Mink

In this continuing series by CyArk, we explore just a few of the world's most endangered heritage sites in several categories, separated by the general nature of the hazards they face. This week, we ta..

Digital Archaeology Workshops February 2009
Truro College, University of Plymouth Hosts International Delagates
By: Elizabeth Lee

February 19th-22nd, 2009 Truro College will host the Digital Archaeology Workshops. This workshop has attracted a group of international delegates to discuss and promote the development and more wides..

CyArk to Sponsor Heritage Sessions at Spar 2009
Annual Conference on 3D Imaging and Scanning to be Held March 30-April 1
By: Elizabeth Lee

The annual Spar conference on 3D Imaging and Scanning will be held in Denver, Colorado, March 30- April 1. Spar is the world's best attended 3D imaging and scanning-focused conference. The conference..

Top 5 Endangered Heritage Sites - Tourism
5 Sites at High Risk from the Hazards Associated with Large-Scale Visitor Traffic
By: John Mink

In this continuing series by CyArk, we explore just a few of the world's most endangered heritage sites in several categories, separated by the general nature of the hazards they face. In this week's c..

Top 5 Endangered Heritage Sites - Acid Rain
5 Sites at High Risk from the Hazards Associated with Acid Rain and Similar Industrial Pollutants
By: John Mink

In this continuing series by CyArk, we explore just a few of the world's most endangered heritage sites in several categories, separated by the general nature of the hazards they face. One of the most ..

Announcing the Digital Nineveh Archives
Original Nineveh Excavation Records Now Available
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk is proud to announce the launch of Nineveh on CyArk, as part of the larger Digital Nineveh Archives. Nineveh (ancient Ninua) (36°22'N 43°09'E) is situated close to the confluence of the Tigris..

New Exhibit at Ars Electronica Takes Visitors On-Site with CyArk
3D Point Clouds Showcased in the New Deep Space Exhibit
By: Elizabeth Lee

On January 2nd, 2009 the new Ars Electronica Center opened its doors for the first time. The "Museum of the Future" boasts 3,000 m2 of space for exhibits, including their new Deep Space exhibit. Deep..

CyArk to Chair Session at CAA 2009 in Williamsburg, Virginia
Deadline to Submit Abstracts extended to December 22nd
By: Elizabeth Lee

This year CyArk will chair a session at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) conference to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia. As taken from their website, "The CAA i..

Top 5 Endangered Heritage Sites- Flooding and Dambuilding
5 Sites at High Risk from Changing Water Tables and Proposed Dam Projects
By: John Mink

As has unfortunately been demonstrated time and time again, some of the world's greatest cultural heritage sites are critically at risk of destruction. From the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan to the Na..

China Takes Unusual Measures to Gain UNESCO Listing
Restrictions on Building Height Increase Natural Beauty
By: Dan Walsh

Usually, when a government tries to gain UNESCO World Heritage status for one of their country's sites, they pour resources into reinforcing crumbling walls or stifling erosion. China likes to do thing..

Former CEO of Leica Geosystems Backs CyArk Preservation Effort
By: Dan Walsh

Spar Point Research, a leading market research group for new 3d technologies, posted an article about Hans Hess's financial support of CyArk's preservation efforts. Hans and Sylvia Hess attended our Mo..

By: Erika Blecha

I have been a CyArk intern for over a year now, and I am currently a senior anthropology major at the University of California at Berkeley. I have spent my summers excavating in the Belize jungles bu..

CyArk Presents at DMACH Conference
Digital Media Conferenece in Jordan Attracts International Audience
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week I traveled to Amman, Jordan to give a paper at the Digital Media Applications in Cultural Heritage (DMACH) conference. DMACH 2008 was hosted by the Center for Study of Architecture in the Ar..

New Features for Keeping Tabs
By: Dan Walsh

We've recently launched a few, new features in an effort to help keep everyone informed and "in the loop" regarding CyArk's activities, news, and upcoming projects. The first and most notable edition i..

Iraqi Scholars Work with CyArk to Create a Digital Nineveh
Training workshop at Durham University to digitize old Nineveh records
By: Elizabeth Lee

I am traveling on a southbound train to London after an exciting two day workshop at Durham University. With WiFi access on the trains I figured this was the perfect opportunity for an on-the-road blo..

Kress Foundation Supports CyArk Workshop
By: Elizabeth Lee

This weekend CyArk held its third workshop in a series of workshops to strategize and organize the launch of an upcoming initiative. We are very pleased to announce that the Samuel H. Kress Foundati..

Inaugural CyArk Development Workshop at Monte Alban
VIPs Travel with CyArk to Learn about the Importance of Heritage Preservation
By: Ben Kacyra

Last week we held the inaugural CyArk development workshop at Monte Alban, Mexico. Several VIP's traveled to Oaxaca in order to learn more about CyArk and discuss future development opportunities. Am..

Adventures in Archaeology at Monte Alban
CyArk post from the field
By: Elizabeth Lee

Four full days in the field resulted in lots of scan data, lots of photos, and lots of scrapes and bruises but little energy left to blog. In an effort to make this the first official CyArk blog from ..

CyArk at Google Zeitgeist 2008
Ben Kacyra Speaks to Crowd of over 500 at Annual Summit
By: Dan Walsh

Ben Kacyra recently presented at the 2008 Google Zeitgeist conference, an annual gathering of doers and thinkers from all over the world. His talk was included in the Serious Sustainability portion of ..

CyArk Digitally Reconstructs 16th Century Portal
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk recently partnered with the University of San Francisco, Leica Geosystems, and INSIGHT to digitally reconstruct a 16th century stone portal. The portal was originally part of the monastery of San..

Professional Surveyor: Ancient History Meets New Technology
By: Elizabeth Lee

It's 12:30 a.m., and I'm watching a tiny green laser trace the outline of an 800-year-old Mayan pyramid—up and down, up and down. We have already been on site scanning for a couple of hours and have ..

South Korea’s historic Namdaemun Gate destroyed by fire
By: John Mink

The Republic of Korea has suffered the loss of one of its greatest national historic treasures. Seoul’s 610 year-old Namdaemun (Great Southern Gate) was set ablaze by an arsonist on the evening of Fe..

Modeling Mesa Verde National Park With Lasers
By: Kurt Repanshek

Time is constantly a threat to Mesa Verde National Park. As it passes, and brings with it erosion, rock falls and possibly earthquakes, the park's ruins are at risk of collapse. But a new laser technol..

Tudor Place: Democracy Starts at Home
Peeling back the layers of a Neoclassical masterpiece and the architectural ideals that surround it
By: Zach Mortice

As a town so solidly rooted in 19th-century architecture, Washington, D.C., has no lack of Neoclassical flourishes—wide domes, stately columns, magnificent distances, and egalitarian symmetry. But al..

Heritage Makes a Strong Showing at Annual Leica Geosystems User Conference
By: John Loomis

The documentation of sites of cultural heritage made a strong showing, among the usual industrial applications for laser scanning, at the Leica Geosystems User Conference held in San Ramon, California ..

2007 Ancient Merv Project: High Definition Documentation
By: Justin Barton

I have just returned from Turkmenistan after a six-week collaboration with the Ancient Merv Project for its 2007 field season. The ongoing project by the Institute of Archaeology (IoA) at University Co..

Preservation by Documentation: The CyArk Commitment
By: Justin Barton

4,000 years of history lie beneath the Karakum desert in the form of the remains of an ancient city, Merv. Strategically located at an oasis along the now extinct land-based trade routes of Central Asi..

CyArk Travels to Mesa Verde National Park
By: Elizabeth Lee

CyArk team memebers Ben Kacyra and Elizabeth Lee recently traveled to Mesa Verde National Park as part of an on location shoot for the new PBS show, Wired Science. In addition to giving interviews abou..

Consequences of Global Warming
By: Landon Silla

Introduction Among the academics and scientists of the world, there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the specifics of predicting global warming. However, there is one thing that they all agre..

Global Warming’s Effect on Heritage Sites
By: Landon Silla

CyArk announces its newest feature, a fully interactive Hazard Map showing inundation levels and plotting previously recorded earthquakes. Everyday, global warming is becoming more and more of a reali..

Frequently Asked Questions - Hazard Map
By: Landon Silla

I have been receiving questions from fellow colleagues well as the public concerning the Hazard Map. I have compiled a list of a few relevant questions and have included answers for your reading pleas..

San Francisco Chronicle: Laser Mapping Tool Traces Ancient Sites
By: Tom Abate

Orinda retiree Ben Kacyra has made the biggest contribution to archeological research since Indiana Jones added the bullwhip to his field kit. Kacyra, who made his fortune as an inventor and civil e..

CyArk Article in the San Francisco Chronicle
By: Elizabeth Lee

Last week the CyArk offices received a visit from San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Tom Abate. Mr. Abate is a Science and Technology writer for the Chronicle and was particularly interested in the m..

The NEW 7 Wonders of the World
By: Dan Walsh

Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum of Maussollos, Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria - of the original Seven Won..

Laser Technologies Document Historic Muslim Site in Cairo
By: AScribe Newswire

The CyArk 3D Heritage Archive has archived 3D digital documentation of the Bab al-Barqiyya gate of the Ayyubid Wall, part of an extensive historic preservation and development project in Cairo of the H..

Historic Preservation through Hi-Def Documentation
By: John Ristevski, Anthony Fassero, John Loomis

The world is losing its important cultural-heritage sites faster than they can be preserved. Unlike artifacts, safely housed in museums or private collections, heritage sites are exposed to the ravages..

New Technologies Applied to Ancient Sites at Mesa Verde
By: John Loomis

Orinda, Calif. - The Kacyra Family Foundation has received a grant from the U.S. National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training for the purpose of advancing archaeolog..

ArchNet Announces CyArk Archive Launch

Global cultural heritage is being lost faster than it can be documented; and a new cultural heritage archive, CyArk, is working to slow this loss. Utilizing proprietary technology for 3D laser scans..

CyArk 3D Heritage Archive is Up!!

"John Loomis of CyArk, a nonprofit organization dedicated toward "Preserving World Heritage Sites through collecting, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital mode..

RICS Scans for Plans

"CyArk, the non-profit organisation which preserves endangered World Heritage sites, has put together a team of survey engineers and archaeologists to demonstrate high definition laser scanning to surv..

Open-access digital archive of international archaeological sites set to launch
By: Joann Gonchar

Conservators, architects, academics, and armchair archaeologists will soon be able to access detailed digital documentation of some of the world’s most famous cultural sites via the Web. At press ..

Professional Surveyor Recognizes CyArk Co-Founder
By: Tom Gibson

Professional Surveyor Magazine has honored CyArk co-founder Ben Kacyra as one of the 25 most influential individuals in the surveying community. "As a civil engineer who taught surveying at the coll..

Laser Scanning for Cultural Heritage Applications
By: John Ristevski

Cultural Heritage can be defined as monuments, buildings, or landscapes of "outstanding universal value from the point of view of history, art or science." These sites are often under threat from envir..

Shooting the Mayan Pyramids of Tikal
HDRI and laserscanning the pyramids of Tikal.
By: Michelle Bienias

In the forests of Guatemala’s El Petén region lie the ruined cities of one of the world’s great ancient cultures, the Maya. Tikal was the largest and one of the most important urban centers of May..

CyArk International Conference

KFF sponsored the 1st CyArk International Conference on 3D Laser Scanning Applications for Heritage which took place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil...

Laser To Take Stock of Heritage Sites
Camera has 'surgical' accuracy that supplies 3-D images, allowing for the study or creation of replicas, system's creator says
By: Ricardo Sanchez Jr.

Imagine a device with spiderlike tripod legs, connected to a large cube that shoots a green laser beam. The beam scans the Orinda Theatre, then boomerangs back to a wired laptop computer. No, it's n..

CyArk Presenting at Japanese American Museum of San Jose
Digital Reconstruction of Manzanar, Topaz, and Tule Lake
By: Elizabeth Lee


CyArk Presenting at Japanese American Museum of San Jose
Digital Reconstruction of Manzanar, Topaz, and Tule Lake
By: Elizabeth Lee